"a good mystery wrapped in a paranormal"

Thomas (as She prefers to be called) Lafferty is a supernatural investigator (and tarot reader if business is slow.) She has been hired by a sweet, rich old lady to find her missing spoiled dog, Ruffles; who she thinks was dog-napped by a demon.

The scene of the alleged demon attack took place in the alley between the post office and book store. Thomas goes into the bookstore to ask an employee if they noticed anything in the alley on the day of the dog-napping. When Charlie, a new geeky employee at the bookstore comes over and asks if he can help her; Thomas can't help but check him out and decides that there may be more to him than his superhero tie.

Charlie was not put off by Thomas or her quirkiness and they were getting along ok until Thomas mentioned why she was there. Does Charlie know what happened to Ruffles the dog? Will Thomas be able to put all the clues together before it's too late and her life is on the line?

This is a good mystery wrapped in a paranormal with witty characters. I really enjoyed this short story on many levels and found it to be a great pick-me-up story. Ms. Smyth has done a great job, and I look forward to more from her and possibly a new installment in this new world she has created.

Reviewed by Catherine Smith
Posted June 6, 2007


Supernatural Investigator Thomas(ina) Lafferty is on the case –- well, sort of. She’s supposed to be on the hunt for the demon who stole her client’s dog, but all she can think about is the handsome new employee at her local bookshop.

Charlie is sexy enough that Thomas can forgive his love of comic books, and even better, he’s not put off by her pushy attitude. But Thomas has her suspicions about him. What does he know about the dognapping case and why on earth does he get so dominant around the time of a full moon? And can Thomas really resist sticking around to find out?

Genre(s): Paranormal, Action/Adventure, Humor and Satire

Theme(s): Werewolves

Length: Novella

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New Tricks
by Joanne Smyth

Changeling Press
May 1, 2007
Available: May 24, 2007
ISBN #159596732X
EAN #9781595967329
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