"A highly recommended second chance paranormal romance"

He had been a warrior and a king. He'd had many wives and children. He'd been revered as a god and had more wealth than most men could ever imagine but he had gone to his tomb without the one thing he desired most....his soul mate, the "beautiful one" who had haunted his dreams, dreams never to be realized. The great pharaoh had been betrayed by one of his own.

On his deathbed the man now known as Adrian King had performed a special ritual thus insuring his return to life. He had awakened and is once more a man to be reckoned with in a new desert kingdom as owner of the Royal Palace hotel and casino in Las Vegas. But eternal life had its price, even for a pharaoh.

Egyptologist Christine Day has had "waking dreams" of ancient Egypt since her childhood. She believes this to be some form of genetic memory. Her grandfather had spent his life searching without success for the tomb of the great king and warrior Merneptah Seti. As he'd approached the end of his life Christine had promised that she would someday find his king for him.

Asked to share her knowledge at an international conference in Las Vegas, Christine finds herself exploring the Royal Palace. She is highly impressed with Adrian's collection of Egyptian antiquities even though many are reproductions. While wandering through King's domain Christine has another one of her "waking dreams" this time of herself and a mystery lover. Her dream is disturbed by none other than the enigmatic casino owner Adrian King, who inexplicably resembles her dream lover to a tee.

Adrian has been drawn to the woman's perfume, a secret recipe he'd created for the soul mate he'd met only in his dreams before his untimely death. He is puzzled as he is unable to read her emotions as he can with other humans until she smiles and he recognizes her as his "beautiful one." How ironic that he should find her now when he cannot have her. Adrian has already felt the urges that edge him ever closer to becoming what he most dreads, an Eater of Blood and a Breaker of Bones a.k.a. a vampire. Others have arisen as well, his trusted friend General Rahotep, Maya the instrument of his betrayal, and Seth the betrayer himself. He must keep his beloved safe even if it means sending her away. Fortunately Christine Day has always been a great believer in fate.

Though the vampire genre is currently in vogue, this tale was a true original. The world building is phenomenal. The vampires are woven into the intricate plot rather than the other way around. Christine is not the traditional alpha heroine either. She is strong, intelligent, and devoted but doesn't go around kicking vampire butt and instead relies on faith and love to rule the day. This story held the reader in its thrall from the first page straight through to the very last. Tears will flow as the mighty warrior is forced to choose between his rightful destiny, to lie in the arms of his beloved, or to sacrifice all to save the soul of his twisted betrayer. Ms. Guest has proven herself to be a gifted storyteller. I look forward to the next installment. I highly recommend this read.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted June 3, 2007



King Merneptah Seti, aka Seti III

Born: 1228 B.C.E. Died: 1193 B.C.E. Awakened: last quarter of the 20th Century

Ancient setting: Thebes

Ancient distinction: The last great warrior-king of pharaonic Egypt.

Reason for death in ancient times: Poisoned.

1st wife: Queen Nefertari, through an arranged marriage and political alliance. (Born: 1227 Died: 1200 B.C.E. of Nile fever.)

Offspring: Four children.

Hero/Modern name: Adrian King (Adrian from the Old Latin, meaning “the Dark One,” and “King” since he had always been a king.)

Modern setting: Las Vegas

Modern distinction: Billionaire casino owner, real estate tycoon, philanthropist, and patron of the arts.

Heroine: Christine Day, brilliant Egyptologist and the woman of Adrian’s dreams.

Ancient Egypt takes a bite out of modern-day Las Vegas.

Once a pharaoh, Adrian King has awakened thousands of years later as a vampire. Now the owner of the Royal Palace in Vegas, he is falling for Egyptologist Christine Day. But others have awakened who will not rest until Adrian is destroyed again, even if it means taking the only true love he's ever known.


Night Life
(Pharaohs Rising: Book 1)
by Elizabeth Guest

Berkley Pub Group
April 1, 2007
ISBN #0425214826
EAN #9780425214824
304 pages
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