"Werewolves in Vegas, Oh My!"

Heat by L.A. Banks
Butch Maverick, bounty hunter never thought his job would take him back to his werewolf clan in Vegas and back to the one woman he could never forget. Laurel Temple is the hotel's security boss at The French Quarter casino and he must deal with her if he is to complete his mission, which is to find out who is responsible for wrecking werewolf havoc throughout the Midwest. Laurel was not prepared to see Butch and have all her feelings for him resurface. It's a full moon and she is in heat. The temptation to mate is strong, but Butch and Laurel wonder if there is a possibility to rekindle their relationship. However, they must first capture the rogue werewolf band before there is a hostile takeover.

Ms. Banks never disappoints. Werewolves, Vampires, action packed, and sizzling hot passion--what more could you ask for?

The Hunger Within by J.M. Jeffries
Once Solange Warwick's adopted parents retire, she plans to leave Vegas. She has never felt like she fit in with her werewolf clan, always feeling like a weak link. Special Agent Jarred Maitland is working undercover to stop Kenny Brooks, a human, who seems to have some uncanny abilities. Kenny has been responsible for half a dozen burglaries at casinos in the last fifteen years, but no one has been able to prove it. Kenny plans to hit The French Quarter casino where Solange works. Jarred, against his better judgment confides in Solange, telling her what Kenny has planned. While they try to decide if it's possible for a werewolf and a human to have a meaningful relationship, they set up a sting operation. Catching Kenny should be a routine operation, but time is against them. It may be too late for Jarred and Solange to stop him.

I enjoyed this tale of suspense, evil intent and romantic tension between star-crossed lovers. Jarred and Solange's romance is tenderly sweet and that is not to say there isn't passion. Where others see Solange as the weak link of the clan, Jarred recognizes her strengths and is not afraid to point them out. Solange respects Jarred for his honesty and bravery. However, Jarred is human and she is a werewolf, making their love seem doomed from the start. These two talented writers (Miriam Pace and Jacqueline Hamilton) have penned very likable characters that you will root for, hoping they will have a chance for happiness they both so deserve.

Double Down by Seressia Glass
Simone Temple was born a werewolf. She is the entertainment director of the French Quarter Hotel and Casino. Kadim the magician is asked to guest star on The Mystery Channel. If Kadim would do this special, it could bring a lot of publicity to the casino, but he flat out refuses. Simone drives out to his house to convince him to reconsider. Kadim has been slowly pursuing Simone, wanting a lasting relationship, but he needs to take it slow. He has secrets. He's not human, as Simone believes. He can shapeshift, but he is not a werewolf. However, there is one secret in particular that is dangerous and could possibly mean death for both of them. As the tale unfolds, it is revealed how Kadim is enslaved by his powers. The only way he can break free is if they risk it all. Kadim will risk his safety to save Simone. Simone will put what she wants aside if it means Kadim will be safe.

Ms. Glass has written a tale of what it means to truly be in love.

Out of the Dark by Natalie Dunbar
Kellie Monroe came home to Las Vegas to bury her grandmother, only to find the body is missing. If her week isn't bad enough, Kellie is viciously attacked by werewolves that want something from her. She almost dies from the anti-werewolf vaccine, only to find out the vaccine didn't work. Her DNA is changing anyway. Preternatural police officer, Garen Roy is assigned to the unusual case, recognizing at once that Kellie is his true mate. He is rather surprised since she is human—well, sort of. Together, they conclude that the werewolves want an amulet that Kellie's grandmother left her. It is the key to what Kelly is and what her future will hold.

Ms. Monroe has spun a mythical tale of magic and intrigue. A truly entertaining read.

Enter the world of werewolves, vampires and other preternatural beings where the romance is tantalizing, the action keeps you on the edge of your seat, and the mysteries are intriguing. Five Stars!

Courtesy: Karen Michelle Nutt, author

Reviewed by Karen Michelle Nutt
Posted June 2, 2007


Vegas Bites, a werewolf anthology comprised of four romance novellas, takes place in the French Quarter casino—the only black owned, werewolf casino in Las Vegas. With a backdrop of a weeklong Texas Hold’em tournament, the full moon approaching and the retirement of the alpha couple, battles of love, loyalty, and lust abound.

Join L.A. Banks, J.M. Jeffries, Seressia Glass and Natalie Dunbar in exploring this high roller fantasy world of feuding werewolf packs, high-stakes thieves, a sexy djinn and a mystical medallion.


Vegas Bites
(A Werewolf Romance Anthology)
by J. M. Jeffries, Seressia Glass, L. A. Banks, Natalie Dunbar

Parker Publishing, LLC (Noire Allure)
November 1, 2006
Available: November 15, 2006
ISBN #1600430015
EAN #9781600430015
346 pages
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