"A deeply emotional vampire romance about love and choices"

Currently the owner of a New York City art gallery, Diego Rivera is a centuries old vampire who had long ago learned that beauty is only skin deep. Once he had been a man given to excess who only cared about his own pleasure and material possessions. Then his beautiful and faithless wife had turned him over to the Spanish Inquisition. His mortal life had been lost but he had been given second chance due to the love of a plain and simple servant girl (Esperanza) and a vampire's kiss. Diego had vowed then to be a better man in spite of his new undead existence.

Unfortunately his new chance for love had been compromised when Esperanza was caught for aiding him. He had turned her in order to keep her, but the undead existence had changed her irrevocably. He had watched her die a little inside as everything thing she knew passed away and everyone she loved was lost. Her unlife had ended in death as well centuries later at the hands of a madman and Diego had sworn that he would never turn another human.

Ramona Escobar is a talented artist who had captured Diego's attention years ago when she'd been a young art student. Her passion and skill had inspired him to offer her a showing at his gallery. Ramona is grateful as her mother is suffering from Alzheimer's and she herself has been diagnosed with a fatal form of anemia. Her days grow short and she badly needs the money the sales would bring, so much so that she had also accepted a commission from a wealthy and powerful billionaire to create accurate reproductions of several masterpieces he intended to put up for auction. When Ramona attends the auction it is obvious that her own works are being passed off as the originals. Hoping for a simple explanation she confronts her patron. Threats are made against her mother and then Ramona is nearly killed when she refuses to keep quiet. Diego saves her in the nick of time.

Attraction has been brewing between the two for some time, but both have their secrets. Diego cannot allow himself to love a human woman with a short life span and watch her die, nor will he turn her and watch her change before his eyes. Diego has no idea how short her life span will undoubtedly be for Ramona cannot bring herself to tell him the truth. In spite of his intense feelings for her Diego still believes that beautiful women are not to be trusted so he keeps his vampire nature to himself as well. When her secret is finally revealed he feels justified for his mistrust. The revelation of his own secret has a similar effect on her.

Diego however does remain involved with the forgery case and Ramona's doctor Melissa Danvers brings in her sister-in-law FBI agent Diana Reyes and her vampire lover Ryder Latimer. Diego had called his friend Ryder all kinds of a fool for loving a human but it's clear to the younger vampire that Diego has been bitten by the same bug whether he wants to admit it or not.

Danger escalates as Ramona continues to refuse to be cowed by threats. She has nothing left to lose. Or does she? This book could have been entitled "Diego's Dilemma" so tormented is he by the events of his past and the effect of the choices he's already made. He also fears that his advancing age will soon rob him of his last shred of humanity. Will Diego's undead life be worth living if he lets this chance for love pass him by? If the criminal is not caught, will he even get a chance to make that choice?

Diego and Ramona, star-crossed lovers if there ever were but somehow they both manage to come to terms with their demons and even though a positive outcome was guaranteed due to the nature of romance novels, this story brought tears to this reader's eyes as their struggle played out. The pain and desperation felt when facing the loss of a loved one was extremely poignant and while Diego is able to make his peace with his choices, Diana and Ryder have yet to find their way to that place of acceptance. We will be seeing more of them in upcoming series novels. We will also soon find out if it is possible for an elder to retain their humanity as Stacia's story unfolds. Caridad Piñeiro is a consummate story teller who has the ability to put the reader inside the hearts, minds, and souls of her characters. If you haven't read the five previous novels, I highly recommend that you do.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted May 24, 2007


Diego Rivera lost his life during the Spanish Inquisition, but when he is saved by becoming a vampire, he swears to become a better man.

Ramona Escobar is a promising young artist who is struggling with a mother with Alzheimer’s and a disease that is slowly robbing Ramona of life. Ramona unwittingly becomes involved in an art fraud and when her life is threatened, handsome art gallery owner Diego Rivera comes to her aid.

Attraction will flare to life between the two, but both Diego and Ramona are hiding secrets. When Diego reveals his true face to Ramona, she reveals the truth of her existence – that she may soon die.

Will love help Diego find a way to deal with Ramona’s betrayal and his own secrets, or is it the call of her blood that is tempting him to put the bite on her?

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Blood Calls
(The Calling: Book 6)
by Caridad Piñeiro

Silhouette (Nocturne)
May 1, 2007
ISBN #0373617631
EAN #9780373617630
288 pages
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