"I am hooked on The Templar Vampires"

Lucian of Penwick truly had faith, truly... once that is, but when he continued to kill in the name of God on the battlefield during the bloody crusades once that faith had deserted him he lost his soul's chance to enter heaven. Damned, he now is fighting the evils of the dark in the hopes of one day recovering his soul and entering heaven. Through the ages his past has haunted Lucian, long agonizing years, and now his past demands it's revenge. Though caught up in the web of horror is another, an innocent woman being used to bring Lucian to his knees. This fight is one that Lucian refuses to lose, the fight to save the life, the soul of one young woman, innocently drawn into his world. Innocently drawn forever into his heart as well, he can't ignore how his body reacts to this one courageous, tortured woman. Can he save her from these nightly tortures, worse, can Lucian save the beautiful Jessica from himself?

Once, Jessica Varga had a life free of pain. A life that was free of the knowledge that things exist in the night that are the stuff of nightmares. Only they aren't nightmares are they? They are real and tangible and can cause unimaginable pain and suffering. Nearly driven to the brink of madness with the horrors she faces as a kidnapped pawn in a sick game of revenge, she soon realizes the Vampire that she is held captive with will either be her salvation or her death. Can she see past the Vampire to trust the man that swears he will protect her? Can anything really protect either of them, and if so, can she trust a Vampire, even if Lucian is the honorable warrior and man that attracts her body and soul?

If you have not started this series yet, start it now! The Templar Vampires are truly a must read for fans of paranormal romance, the third book of the Templar Vampire Novels is truly amazing and in the fashion that is Ms. Lyons's work, it is not a disappointment. It's a page turner that embroils the reader even deeper into the dark world of the Knights Templar Vampires. These men are strong, masculine warriors, they truly demand a woman's attention and the heroine's are vibrant women of strength that make for sizzling chemistry. I highly recommend Ms. Lyons' book, Tempting Darkness, it is every bit as fantastic as Midnight Sun and The Daystar. I am hooked on The Templar Vampires and on Rene Lyons and simply can't wait for yet another book from this wonderful writer.

Reviewed by Stephanie Q. McGrath
Posted May 23, 2007


Trapped in the dark, can two lost souls find their way back to the light?

Once a proud Templar Knight, Lucian of Penwick lost his faith when God damned him as a vampire. Tormented by guilt, he is dragged back to his ancestral home and forced to confront the sins of his past. As he struggles to uphold his oath, Lucian knows if he falters, it’s not just his own soul on the line…

Ripped from life as she knew it, Jessica Vargo is held prisoner in a world of darkness and torment. Deep in the bowels of a medieval castle, the line between myth and reality blurs and the only one she can trust is the seven-hundred-year-old vampire.

But as darkness tempts, can Lucian and Jessica find their light?

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Tempting Darkness
(Templar Vampire: Book 3)
by Rene Lyons

Samhain Publishing
April 1, 2007
ISBN #1599983214
EAN #9781599983219
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