"intelligently written and highly entertaining sensual story"

Piers Aaron had been in love with the beautiful Princess Fen since the first moment he'd seen her, but as a commoner and servant knew that the class distinctions between commoner and royalty could never be overcome. Hearing her cries for help one evening, Aaron came to her aid, even though it appeared there was no reason for her alarm. In spite of the noble suitors her mother, the Empress, paraded before her -- Princess Fen was drawn inexplicitly to Aaron. Initially thinking to seduce and use him as her lover Fen was unprepared when her heart became irresistibly entangled and intoxicated with love. However, someone else in the palace was determined that Princess Fen would be theirs and summoned an ancient evil that came dangerously close to killing her.

I was immensely pleased with this entry from author Michelle Pillow whose intelligent and well-written story was hard to put down. The new world she created was very interesting and her character building was great as she fashioned her leads into people whom you cared about. Her approach to the special gifts Fen and her brothers had was imaginative but what I most loved was the ghostly presence of Fen's noble ancestors -- in particular her grandmother Zhang An whose ribald assessments of Fen's suitors were hilarious, and her sister-in-law Francesca who wasn't afraid to offer Fen her advice on matters of the heart and how to deal with the Empress. The dialogs were both witty and intelligent and the passionate encounters between Aaron and Fen were tasteful and steamy! The identity of who was summoning the evil that dogged Fen was kept secret right up to a very surprising finale. As Book 2 in this author's Zhang Dynasty series it stands alone with no effort at all. Bottom line is at 120 pages this has all the elements you would expect from a full novel all rolled into a fast-paced, intelligently written and highly entertaining sensual story. Loved it!

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted May 23, 2007


He was beneath her station in life, a servant, and yet Princess Fen was drawn to Piers Aaron as no one before, unable to resist the temptation to seduce the commoner into her bed despite her mother's decree that she must marry a man of noble birth, a man chosen for her by her mother. What she hadn't expected was that he would seduce his way into her heart.

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Temptation of the Butterfly
(Zhang Dynasty Series: Book 2)
by Michelle M. Pillow

New Concepts Publishing
December 1, 2006
ISBN #1586088904
EAN #9781586088903
120 pages
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