"Vivi Anna has done it again!"

EMT Olivia Jordan and her partner responded to call to a part of town they did not venture to very often. When they arrived at the scene two police officers were holding down the gunshot victim, who was thrashing about way more than one would think possible for someone who received three shots in the chest. They were able to get her strapped down and loaded into the ambulance.

While on the way to the hospital the ambulance was in an accident. The last thing Olivia remembers is a dark shape looming in the door frame. She wakes up to find herself alive and chained to a bed. Garrick Blackthorn, a tall dark and sexy man is holding her prisoner; he wants to know what she saw the night of the accident. Olivia is attracted to Garrick while at the same time fearful.

Will Olivia believe what Garrick tells her? Will Garrick do his job, or will he break the rules for Olivia?

Vivi Anna has done it again! This is another great paranormal tale (or should I say tail) from her, this time involving werewolf's. The chemistry between Olivia and Garrick is palatable; you can taste it as you read this story. Bad to the Bone is the first story in this series and lucky for us the next installment is available now from Loose ID, Hungry Like the Wolf.

Reviewed by Catherine Smith
Posted May 23, 2007


After a terrible accident in the ambulance, EMT Olivia Jordan didnít expect to wake up chained to a bed. The tall dark sexy man holding her prisoner is not what she expected either. But Garrick Blackthornís not your every day kidnapper, no, thereís something extraordinary about him. Something that attracts Olivia. Something dark and secret.

Something that might end Oliviaís life...

Note: Previous Title: Hungry like the Wolf. Bad to the Bone is a standalone prequel.

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Bad to the Bone
by Vivi Anna

Loose Id
March 1, 2007
ISBN #1596324295
EAN #9781596324299
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