"You won't be able to stop yourself from laughing out loud at this one!"

Nerdy Dorreth Chamberlain, commonly called Pea, is not having a good day. Not only is her dog—who thinks she's a cat—stuck in a tree, the fireman who comes to rescue Chloe is none other than the man she's had a major crush on, Griffin DeAngelo. The worst part is that he doesn't even recognize her, but he immediately remembers her beautiful married neighbor. After Chloe is back on the ground where she belongs, Pea continues with her day and goes to her dance class. After that, she decides to treat herself by going to Lola's. Unknown to Pea, at somewhat loose ends, the Goddess of Love herself, Venus, is also at Lola's along with the Goddess of Spring, Persephone. And unbeknownst to Venus, her husband in name only, Vulcan, is watching her. Not surprisingly, Hera, Vulcan's mother, is watching him watch Venus. So when Pea runs into the ladies' room after belching very loudly into the waitress' face and invokes Venus' help in attaining happiness and ecstasy, Hera uses her magic to ensure Venus will be bound to Pea until she attains her goal. So when Venus and Persephone are ready to go back to Olympus, Persephone can leave with no problems, but Venus is unable to go with her and is stuck in Tulsa.

So it's a pretty wet Venus who shows up at Pea's door and Pea, being the kind-hearted person she is, takes Venus in and the two of them proceed to have a chat, never realizing Vulcan is watching them. Vulcan is immediately drawn to Pea, sensing a kindred soul in her. Neither one of them has ever fit in. Due to his limp, Vulcan has never felt as if he belonged with all the other perfect Gods and Goddesses on Olympus. Well, Venus has decided to bring out Pea's inner Goddess and takes Pea in hand on a shopping trip. They go all out shopping and Pea has her hair done, gets new clothes and shoes and she looks totally different. Venus has also determined to help Pea get Griffin.

Will Pea find her inner Goddess? Will Vulcan ever fit in? Will Pea get the man of her dreams? And who is that man? Will Venus realize in all the centuries she's found love for other people, she's never been in love herself?

GODDESS OF LOVE is one of the funniest romances I have read! P.C. Cast has done it again, added another one to my keeper shelf with GODDESS OF LOVE. From the dog that gets stuck in trees because she thinks she's a cat, to Pea dropping a huge black dildo at the feet of the man she's had a major crush on, this story kept me laughing out loud. I have to admit, the "gift" from Venus ending up at Griffin's feet was my favorite scene. Underneath all the laughter, this is the story of four people who have never opened themselves to love. All four of them live lonely lives and in this story, we get to be with them as they fall in love. If you enjoy P.C. Cast's stories as much as I do, don't miss this one!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted May 16, 2007


When it comes to romance, even the experts don't know it all...

With "humor and verve," (Publishers Weekly) Cast tells the story of the mythical Venus who comes to life to help a nerdy woman find her inner goddess.

Pea Chamberlain needs a makeover-shoes, hair, clothes, make-up-if she wants to attract an źbersexy fireman. And who could better coax Pea out of her pod than the Goddess of Love, whom she invokes in a moment of desperation?

Venus works her magic on Pea, but who will help her when she falls for that same sexy fireman? Could Venus need a love makeover for herself? Check out the five-alarm heat when the Goddess of Love unexpectedly loses her heart.


Goddess of Love
(Goddess Summoning series: Book 6)
by P. C. Cast

Berkley Pub Group
June 1, 2007
Available: June 1, 2007
ISBN #0425215288
EAN #9780425215289
304 pages
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