"the biting humor and outlandish wit that we all love"

In book 6 of Davidson's highly acclaimed Undead series, we find ourselves preparing for Betsy's big day! You know the one. The one that she's been preparing for since seventh grade? Our fair Betsy has finally managed to get her scrumptious vampire king and consort, Eric "Sink Lair" Sinclair to propose and give her the proper wedding that she's always dreamed of. The only problem is...Eric has gone missing only weeks before the big day. And, unfortunately, it's not only Eric. Her friends and family are MIA, as well. At first, she chalks up her groom's disappearance to the spat they had (again) or maybe it could be that he just has cold feet. And as for her friends and family, well, just how insensitive can they be? Abandoning her in her most precious time of need. I mean, really, who's going to help her pick out that uber- fabulous wedding gown that she's always dreamed of? And lest we forget about the shoes! What's a vamp bride to do? It isn't until things start getting really weird that Betsy finally realizes that something is amiss in her perfect world - like the local werewolf pack arriving unannounced at her front door looking for their missing packmate. When things finally start adding up, Betsy decides to do a little investigating of her own. It appears that there are nefarious forces at work trying to bring Betsy down -- again.

I've got to say that I absolutely loved this latest addition to the Undead series! Not only does it have the biting humor and outlandish wit that we all love and have come to expect from MJ, but it also gives the series a kick in the patootie, as well. For so long, well, since her turning really, we've seen Betsy flounder around in her new vampire world, resisting and fighting the changes in her "life" and ignoring her new role as Queen of the Undead. But no more. This appears to be a pivotal turning point not only in the series, but also with Betsy as well. It also seems to have a slightly more serious tone than prior Undead books. Davidson completely shines in this book and shows us why her legions of fans keep coming back for more.

Reviewed by Mippy Carlson
Posted May 16, 2007


You are cordially invited to the wedding of Elizabeth Anne Taylor and Eric Sinclair

607 Summit Ave
July 4, 2007

RSVP by June 25, and don't be like one of those jerks who doesn't RSVP and then shows up with three people. Seriously.

In the days leading up the The Big Day, Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor seems to have a full house - and the wedding guests have yet to arrive. Along with her human buddies, there's a ghost, a werewolf, and a Fiend crashing at her place. And though her fiance, Vampire King Eric Sinclair, conveniently disappears when the conversation turns to seating charts and flower arrangements, he does manage to make his oh-so-sexy presence known at other moments.

Betsy knows the next few weeks won't be smooth sailing - but she never expects just what's in store for her. Cold feet are no surprise, especially with an undead groom. But when Sinclair truly goes missing - and not just to avoid wedding preparations - along with most of her friends and loved ones, Betsy is frantic. Alone and afraid for the fate of everyone she loves, Betsy can't trust anyone as she trieds to find them and whoever is behind all the disappearances.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampire


Undead and Uneasy
(Undead series: Book 6)
by MaryJanice Davidson

Berkley Pub Group
June 1, 2007
Available: June 5, 2007
ISBN #0425213765
EAN #9780425213766
320 pages
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