"Kate Reilly Strikes Again!"

Since we last left Not Prey Kate Reilly, she's been on disability due to the injuries she sustained in TOUCH OF EVIL during her bout with the previous Vampire Queen, Monica. At least things are going well with Tom, her werewolf boyfriend. With money running short now and Dusty and Rob living rent-free in one of her apartments, Kate has to do something to bring in some cash. So her brother, Joe, talks her into taking part in a study in the hospital he works in. Kate has reservations about the study, but she needs the money, so she does it anyway. When she gets there, she runs into a cop she knows well, John Brooks. As she sits there listening to the doctor conducting the study drone on, she realizes all the participants are Not Prey and she isn't the only telepath there. One of the others, Henri Tane, is speaking to her telepathically and has agreed to teach her how to control her "gift." When the doctor mentions specimens, both Kate and Brooks become concerned and demand to see them. One thing leads to another and they break into the lab where the good doctor and her assistant have gone to find the specimens were eggs. Not good. And not only has the doctor taken some of them inside herself, but she's also killed her assistant. Well, the doctor makes good her escape. Of course, Kate and Brooks are now on trial for various charges relating to the destruction of the lab, the murder of the assistant, etcetera.

So not only is Kate dealing with the threat of the trial, there's still Amanda somewhere on the loose determined to kill her. On top of that, while leaving the courthouse, Kate was accosted by the new Vampire Queen of Denver and her bodyguard. Seems someone broke into the lab and stole the rest of the eggs and the Vampire Queens want Kate to find out who did it. And naturally, they leave Kate with no alternative but to work with them. At least they offer her the possibility of curing Bryan if she succeeds.

When the new surrogate females of Tom's werewolf pack don't become pregnant, Kate has the sneaky suspicion Mary, their Acca and one of Kate's friends from high school, will want to put Tom to use as a stud. Kate knows how important the pack is to Tom and she's afraid of losing him, especially since as Not Prey, she's sterile and everyone knows it. And then there's also the nightmares Kate is having. In them, she sees people being murdered. She even ends up speaking to Henri's widow when he's buried. The widow tells Kate Henri was murdered and wants Kate to seek revenge for his death.

Will Kate be cleared of the charges against her? Will she be able to find the eggs for the Vampire Queens? Can Bryan really be cured? And let's not forget Amanda. Will she succeed in killing Kate? And what of Tom? Will Mary allow their relationship to continue?

TOUCH OF MADNESS is one of those books it's impossible to set down. Authors C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp have once again demonstrated their unique talent of grabbing a reader's attention and not letting go. The two of them have yet again managed to turn out a story both fast-paced and fascinating. Regardless of what she does, poor Kate just can't seem to catch a break. C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp are truly amazing as they turn out book after book filled with their original visions of shapeshifters and vampires. Kate is a character we can all relate to as she gets pulled into one adventure after another against her will. There's always more than enough action to keep any reader's attention. All of C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp's books have their places on my keeper shelf and TOUCH OF MADNESS is no exception.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted May 9, 2007


She's on trial for murders she didn't commit. She's next on the list of a serial killer. The parasitic vampires known as the Thrall want her to investigate the murder of their young, and will use any means necessary to force her to bow to their demands.

And--possibly worst of all--her boyfriend Tom's werewolf pack is trying to break them up so Tom can mate with other werewolves to ensure the survival of his pack.

Now Kate must fight for Tom--and fight for her very survival in this brand new paranormal romance from the unbeatable, bestselling team of C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp.


Touch of Madness
(The Thrall: Book 2)
by C. T. Adams, Cathy Clamp

Tor Books
May 1, 2007
Available: May 29, 2007
ISBN #0765356635
EAN #9780765356635
320 pages
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