"A High Flying Sci-Fi Adventure Romance!"

Liz Kreger breaks into the publishing world with a great sci-fi adventure/romance series. The first book, Forget About Tomorrow, begins on earth and soon has the reader taking off to all sorts of fascinating worlds as our hero and heroine run for their lives from a galactic type mafia.

Victor MacNaught or 'Mac' as his friends call him has just discovered his fiancé in bed with another man and is drowning his anger and frustration at the local bar. Obviously the marriage is not going to happen and all he wants to do is escape from it all. Little does he know the answer to his prayers has just walked through the door, in the form of a very sexy blonde followed by a very big bodyguard.

Larissalyia Ashanti is the daughter of the Chief Magistrate of the Federation of Worlds and is hiding out on earth. Presently her father is holding a very dangerous criminal leader, Audon SouMalocho, on her planet Kador. Unfortunately he has a far reaching network that is slowly killing off the jurors that convicted SoulMalocho of a lesser crime than what he is truly guilty for. And now it has become common knowledge that his next target is the Magistrate's daughter.

Ms. Kreger plunges the reader into adventure as Mac comes to Larissalyia's rescue in the bar as her bodyguard has been rendered unconscious. Mac, a former Special Forces soldier and now working in the private industry with security, quickly learns whether you're on earth or another planet the threat to life is all the same and he is not going to let it happen on his watch. In the midst of his good intentions Mac is injured by an alien weapon; and if Larissalyia is to survive she must leave earth now. Making a snap decision she takes Mac with her where she can better treat his wound and figure out later how to get return him safely to earth.

Forget About Tomorrow is a wonderful opening to the "A Part of Tomorrow" series. Her world building is creative and believable. The differences between the aliens and their culture are fascinating as you learn, for instance, that Larissalyia's eyes change color with every mood she expresses. I found the action and plot build at a steady pace, while the characters were well balanced and matched to each other. Forget About Tomorrow is not a book I will soon forget and definitely recommend to sci-fi romance fans everywhere.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted April 29, 2007


Larissalyia Ashanti is hiding out on Earth, on the run from an intergalactic mob boss who plans to use her as leverage to force her magistrate father to clear his criminal record.

Mac, an earthman and unsanctified barbarian by FOW—Federation of Worlds—standards, witnesses the evidence of aliens when the mob catches up with Lacey. After he helps her fight them off, she does the only thing she can think of—she kidnaps him and takes him with her as she flees Earth. Mac learns the answers to that age old question of whether there’s life out there … in spades. Not only does he have to convince Lacey that his numerous skills are indispensable, but he has to find a way into her heart.

The chase is just beginning...and so is the romance, adventure and danger as they cross the universe in search of safety and answers.

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Forget About Tomorrow
(A Part of Tomorrow)
by Liz Kreger

Samhain Publishing
April 1, 2007
ISBN #1599984598
EAN #9781599984599
269 pages
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