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In an attempt to solve his planets' lack of females, the ruler of Chantrea, Hunter Shi'lan, sends his brother, Taliff, on a quest for a lost colony of lionese, who disappeared among the stars. Taliff is to go alone, search out the colony, and bring back as many females as possible. Taliff hopes to find his own mate and complete the mating ritual, but he doubts that he will find his true mate. Once he discovers the lost colony on Earth, Taliff abducts some female lionese, and on his last trip down to the surface, he discovers his true mate, Eve Roberts. It seems that the lionese women from Earth aren't nearly as submissive as their counterparts back on Chantrea, and this causes Taliff some headaches. To add to his problems, someone seeks to stop Taliff from returning to Chantrea with the women.

TALIFF'S CURE is more of an erotic romance that has a science fiction backdrop, than a science fiction romance with erotic scenes. I would have liked a more in depth explanation of lionese society. However, I enjoyed reading the romance that develops between Taliff and Eve. I particularly enjoyed the fact that Taliff is willing to stand up for Eve against his own societal prejudices. Eve is a strong, independent female, who refuses to become a doormat and seeks a true partner. All in all, TALIFF'S CURE is an entertaining read about a race of lion shapeshifters, and I look forward to reading Hunter's story.

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted April 29, 2007


Eve Roberts is in trouble. All the males in her pride have started to pay attention to her every move, eyeing her as potential mate material. Problem is, she’s seen these men in action and she isn’t too impressed. She knows why the men are looking at her. She’s heading into this year’s heat cycle. She has to do something to thwart their attention. What she needs is a mate who will respect who she is and let her have her independence. What she gets is more than she bargained for.

Taliff Shi’Lan is on a mission. Find a mate and take her to his home—twenty light years away. The women of Chantrea, his home world, are no longer capable of giving birth to female children, so it’s up to the males to search the galaxy for their mates. He finds his on a backward planet called Earth. He expects to find a submissive mate—a woman to cater to his every need. What he gets is more than he bargained for.

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Taliff's Cure
by Bonnie Rose Leigh

eXtasy Books
February 1, 2007
Available: February 15, 2007
ISBN #1554107628
EAN #9781554107629
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