"A must read for Vampire lovers!"

Darelle is a simple country girl from 1348 France, who has not known a man's touch, but yet has been having sensual dreams for the past year. She is torn because she is ashamed of what is happening to her, yet her body has learned to hunger for the pleasure that comes. She returns from grazing the sheep to find her family is dead from the plague "La Peste" and Seigneur Lascaux waiting for her.

Lascaux takes her to his castle, Darelle starts showing signs of having la peste. He offers her eternal life and youth, this frightens her but she does not have the strength to do anything. Lascaux spells her as he has done for the past year and drinks her blood; before she realizes it her hunger for blood is aroused and takes what is offered her. He tells her she is now his forever. She had heard tales of vampires from her papa and now is horrified to find out she may be one.

Lascaux turns out to be the one in shock, Darelle is not your normal vampire she is a Les Coeurs Eternels; "one whose hearts never stop beating even though they are undead." Lascaux must retire during the day but Darelle does not need to. Her twin guardians, Gareth and Kane arrive and help her escape. They explain that they are there to protect and love her for all eternity and that she is to be their priestess. The Les Coeurs Eternels offer to ease the suffering and pain of anyone.

Lascaux chases them across the country side to get Darelle back. Will Lascaux recapture her? Will she ever be free from him? Will she learn to love her guardians?

This book is so much more than what it appears. Through Darelle we see how shame can affect someone's life and how strong a person needs to be to overcome their own fears. I like that we get to see her in current time and how she has adapted through time. I also liked the mythology behind Sedonia's Vampires. This is a overall great read! A must read for Vampire lovers!

Reviewed by Catherine Smith
Posted April 24, 2007


Darelle was brought across by the world’s oldest vampire, yet she retained her soul.

Terrified by her sire’s obsession with her, she escapes him and is rescued by two gorgeous Roman warriors. Not only do they rescue her, but Kane and Gareth claim to be her guardians, fellow vampires of her breed, sworn to pleasure, love and protect her for eternity.

True to their word, they shower her with erotic pleasures beyond imagining, their union strengthening them against the forces they must face. For an evil far greater than her sire’s lust awaits them all…

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Darelle’s Trinity
(Heart of a Vampire: Book 1)
by Sedonia Guillone

Ellora's Cave
March 1, 2007
Available: March 30, 2007
ISBN #1419909916
EAN #9781419909917
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