"Knight\'s love for her characters shines through"

Deidre Knight's love for her characters shines through in this third book of what is now entitled the Midnight Warriors series. A quick overview: Due to genetic experimenting, two alien races are pitted against one another in a desperate bid to save lives. Unfortunately, it is at the cost of Refarian lives and any other species capable of supporting the energy forms of their one-time allies, the Antousians. Now Earth is slowly awakening to an unknown presence and the Refarians are determined that humankind will not suffer the same fate they did. Can these midnight warriors deflect the escalating dangers before it's too late?

Hope Harper faces many challenges, most notably those on the physical plain. More recently, her heart begins just as precarious a journey. As an FBI translator, her work has brought her in direct contact with the alien hybrid, Scott Dillon. Finally, her life has a purpose and she's not about to let the gruff, sexy and insecure lieutenant use her near-blindness as an excuse to keep her out of the action. Something about the man draws her like no other and just when she's beginning to rough out the feelings, along comes a mysterious time traveler, Jake Tierny. Visions that feel like memories show Hope that both men will be very important in her life and she is both dismayed and intrigued to find Jake equally as attractive as Scott. Jake is clearly here for a purpose and when he sets out to complete his mission, Hope becomes further embroiled in a race to save not only the people of Earth, but the men she loves as well. Who will she choose—Dillon, whose personal war threatens their happiness or Jake, whose time on this current Earth is precarious at best?

This installment picks right up where Parallel Heat left off and it's a wham bam rocking first chapter start that sets the speed for the rest of the book. Dismayed as this reader was to have two men vying equally for Hope's affections, I was in turn absolutely delighted to discover the clever twist Ms. Knight invents involving the three. Hope's limitations do not define her, and though she has the understandable down moments, she's a true heroine, one of fire, clever personality and a heart that just won't quit. Taken in that light, it's really no wonder both Scott and Jake pine for her. Scott was a favorite secondary character from the first two books and his story is probably the most prolific in terms of hero character development. Finally we are treated to his inner musings and what makes those insecurities tick. I loved him all the more for them. Jake, whom I originally thought of as "the interloper" was one that packed an amazing emotional punch by the end of Seduction. Characters from the other novels do figure in, most notably the Refarian King and Queen, Jared and Kelsey, and their story is nicely rounded out. Thank goodness we're in for more Midnight Warriors— Parallel Desire is set for release December 4, 2007 and it can't come fast enough for me!

Reviewed by Kenda Montgomery
Posted April 23, 2007


The author of Parallel Attraction unleashes the next novel in a series about an alternate world, where treachery can destroy the strongest of allies, the most loyal of friendships, and the fiercest of passions...

Warrior Jake Tierny travels back in time to stop a traitor in his beloved king's camp. But when a twist of fate proves the mission unnecessary, Jake is trapped in a time not his own, with friends who cannot learn his true identity.

Scott Dillon may be the king's trusted lieutenant, but he is also a man at war with himself, a human hybrid who refuses to succumb to the Antousian nature he abhors-and that Jake Tierny embodies.

FBI linguist Hope Harper refuses to let near-blindness keep her from joining the Refarians in their war to defend mankind. Yet her sizzling attraction to both Scott and Jake, and the strange memories they share, force all three to question the core of their beliefs. As their enemies surround them, Hope knows she must choose one man for all time.

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Parallel Seduction
(Midnight Warriors: Book 3)
by Deidre Knight

April 1, 2007
Available: April 3, 2007
ISBN #045122096X
EAN #9780451220967
352 pages
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