"problems come full circle in this fifth installment of the Hallows series"

In many ways, Rachel Morgan's problems come full circle in this fifth installment of the Hallows series. With enemies drawing closer than they ever have before, her palette of choices is fast becoming slim to none. In one power play after the next, Rachel's about to fall behind enemy lines, instead of the one step ahead we've been seeing.

It's back to Cincinnati after her desperate attempt to save her pixie partner's son and her ex-boyfriend, Nick. Rachel harbors a rather nasty curse trapped in a bone prison, the focus, which threatens to twist the realities of Weres and vampires alike, both of whom squabble over it like children. With Trent vying for it, someone killing for it and our favorite demon Al lusting after it, Rachel once again has to find a way to undo another problem forced upon her. As the delicate balance between her and Ivy begins to come to a roiling boil, it's all the earth witch can do to stay this side of good, acceptable magic. With her special blood and desire to help others though, it's near impossible for her to deflect the trouble that comes looking for her with a vengeance. Unable to unload the focus on just anyone, she'll have to decide who's the best choice...and none of them are looking particularly stellar.

The first of Harrison's series to be offered in hardback, it's a worthy installment for it, tipping the scales even further towards excellent. For a Few Demons More wraps up some of the problems that Rachel has been having over the course of the other books while of course unraveling others even further. Trent comes back into play and it's a totally different side of him than readers have read before. Ceri, the powerful ex-demon familiar, shows Rachel just how much she respects her and Rachel's pack mate David takes on a major role. The demon Newt is back and we get some interesting information and insights into that character too, though whether they help or hinder the outlook on Newt is the reader's choice. Ivy's dilemma with Piscary is excruciatingly dealt with and it was a struggle at certain points to get past the powerful emotions Harrison has written surrounding Ivy and Rachel. As always, Harrison manages to insert a shocking twist, one I never saw coming, involving Rachel and another of her closest friends. For a Few Demons More is inundated with its fair share of pain, angst and utter despair and readers most certainly may feel closer to Rachel than ever before because of it. It's not without it's glimmer of hope though and some very interesting new characters are introduced that I hope will continue to make appearances in the next book, most notably a mysterious organization of demon practitioners and Dr. Ford Miller, a psychiatrist for the FIB (Federal Inderlander Bureau, the human division to deal with Inderlanders). In the end, as much as Rachel has had to deal with, she's never appeared stronger to me. As always, the once-a-year release of Harrison's Hallows series just can't come fast enough and I only hope that there will be many, many more to come.

Reviewed by Kenda Montgomery
Posted April 23, 2007



The fifth and latest instalment of the urban fantasy-thriller series starring Rachel Morgan. A pacey and addictive novel of sexy bounty-hunting witches, cunning demons and menacing vampires. Bargaining with demons has left Rachel Morgan in constant danger of losing her soul. As if being famous in the underworld - for all the wrong reasons - and sharing her home with a vampire and her jealous girlfriend didn't make her vulnerable enough, one night Rachel finds demons ransacking her home with no fear of sanctified ground. They are searching for something they believe Rachel to possess - a danger that Rachel thought was well hidden and secret. But when the human morgue starts to fill up with partially-turned lupine women who have been brutally murdered, Rachel realises that someone else knows the Focus still exists and that she may have been betrayed.

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For a Few Demons More
(The Hollows: Book 5)
by Kim Harrison

March 1, 2007
Available: March 20, 2007
ISBN #0060788380
EAN #9780060788384
464 pages
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