"long awaited sequel to WINGED VICTORY"

Pirates attacked Da'tarn and killed Mona's husband and son and kidnapped Zurellius' brother and sister-in-law (10 years after their exile to Da'tarn in WINGED VICTORY). Mona has violated Valtar's forbidden air space to get her makeshift warship repaired and to get his aide in their rescue and killing the pirate. She hadn't planned on Zurellius insisting he come with her on her mission or his ominous sexual pull.

Zurellius, ruler of Valtar a planet of blood-drinking winged beings, found more than the secrets of the past in the ruins of the Ancients. He found their race's greatest secret to power. Now he is trapped in a vicious cycle that could drive him insane. When Zurellius unleashes the evil within him to rescue his family, he becomes the monster that made his race the most feared in the universe. There is only a slim chance that the attraction between Mona and Zurellius can call him back to sanity.

This long awaited sequel to WINGED VICTORY has all the action and suspense of the previous book and expands on the family relationships. Although the story is complete without reading WINGED VICTORY, those who have read the other book will enjoy the visits with familiar characters. Zurellius only showed part of his ruthlessness as ruler in the first book. His caring was only hinted at previously; so it was interesting to see life unfold through his eyes.

With her need for revenge and frozen in grief, Mona fought her reaction to Zurellius. There are several emotion filled scenes as well as spicy romance during their rescue attempt and quest for justice. Once justice is served, then life choices must be made.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted April 22, 2007


Zurellius, winged ruler of Valtar, haunts the crystal ruins of the Ancients looking for the cure to his race’s survival. During his search he exposed himself to the Ancients’ greatest evil. Now his strength grows daily, but his emotions verge on violent insanity. But his personal sacrifice will ensure Valtar’s survival even though it will cost him his soul and most likely his life.

Mona de’Lacy has violated Valtar’s forbidden air space to get her listing warship repaired and to tell Zurellius his brother and sister-in-law were kidnapped by pirates and deliver his half-breed niece to him for protection. A constant flame of hatred toward the pirates who attacked Da’tarn and killed her husband and son burns inside Mona. As soon as her ship is repaired she’ll search for the pirate leader Synika and kill him.

But Mona didn’t count on Zurellius’s threatening beauty or his ominous sexual pull. She’s sure her reaction to him is caused by his mesmerizing eyes and compelling voice—the very Valtarie traits that banned his planet of winged vampires from the Alliance. She also hadn’t planned on Zurellius insisting he come with her on her mission to rescue Da’tarn’s kidnapped residents.

Mona soon realizes she and Zurellius share a bond—they’re two damned souls with no hope of salvation. Then Zurellius unleashes the evil dwelling within him and becomes the monster that made his race the most feared in the universe.

Can Mona open her heart to the demon Zurellius has become and bring him back from the brink of Hell? Or will she have to watch him executed by the Alliance?

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Winged Darkness
(Book 2)
by L. F. Hampton

December 1, 2006
ISBN #1933417196
EAN #9781933417196
204 pages
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