"Outstanding and Sexy Vampire Tale"

Dawn Thompson has written a phenomenal and intriguing paranormal rich in historical detail which will captivate you in a thrilling ride from page one to an exciting and provocative ending leaving you clamoring for more!

Set in Cumberland, England 1811, the second son of an Earl, Jon Hyde-White had not only found his calling in the church as a vicar, but the woman of his dreams, Cassandra Thorpe. What looked to be a rosy future with fairytale ending was quickly turning into a nightmare of gigantic proportions when Jon is attacked and bitten by the mesmeric evil vampire Sebastian Valentin. To make matters worse, his beloved Cassandra is also bitten. While Jon and Cassandra have not completely 'changed over' Jon races against time to discover IF there is a cure for the malady before it is too late to control and fight off the beginnings of an insatiable blood lust. Rather than the scent of meadowsweet and lilies of the valley that once attracted Jon to Cassandra it was now the sound and smell of her thick rich blood pounding in her veins that was driving him to the depths of madness. It would be imperative for Jon to get them both safely to Moldavia where vampires roamed and rumors of a mysterious Blood Moon ritual might be able to save them.

With great imaginative flair and originality Ms. Thompson has created an intriguing and different type of vampire tale that puts to rest a lot of the pre-conceived notions I had of a vampire's abilities. It also opened up a new train of thought on some uniquely original aspects of both fighting and living as a vampire. Surprisingly, I was totally thrilled with the way the author was able to maintain her voice in the Regency time period and still keep the feelings of drama and danger completely at the forefront. In keeping up the haunting and relentless dangers that dogged Jon and Cassandra's every step Ms. Thompson still managed to evoke a couple of chuckles here and there while Cassandra became miffed that Jon was overlooking "her" new-found gifts and capabilities.

Milosh was created as another intriguing character as the mysterious Gypsy who rescues and comes to Jon and Cassandra's aid. He became their guide and mentor in how to deal with their condition while trying to teach them how to use the powers of the Blood Moon to live and love once again. Jon and Cassandra, are remarkably well drawn characters whom the reader will immediately come to care for as they battle to live a new way of life rather than become victims and slaves to the very evil vampire Sebastian Valentin. After finishing BLOOD MOON I personally can hardly wait for the next volume to this new paranormal series (THE BROTHERHOOD due out for a September 2007 release). I sincerely hope to see Milosh again as well as possibly catching up on Jon and Cassandra's new life. With this highly imaginative story as the start of her new series I predict Ms. Thompson will ride straight to paranormal stardom!

Marilyn Rondeau, RIO - Reviewers International Organization

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted April 20, 2007


THEIR DARK CURSE Jon Hyde-White was changed. Neither his horse nor his dog trusted him any longer, and with good cause; the transformation was almost complete. Soon he would cease to be an earl's second son and become a ravening monster. Already lust grew, begging him to drink, to devour, to swallow in great gulps hot blood from every opalescent neck--and the blood of his fiancÚ, Cassandra Thorpe, would be sweetest of all. Was that not why they were chosen? Was that not why the blasphemous creature Sebastian burst upon them from the London shadows? But Sebastian's evil task remained incomplete, and neither Jon not Cassandra was beyond hope. Still she smelled of meadowsweet and lilies, and he still believed in Heaven. One chance remained--in faraway Moldovia, in a secret brotherhood, in an ancient ritual and the power of love and the...BLOOD MOON

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Blood Moon
(Blood Moon: Book 1)
by Dawn Thompson

Love Spell
February 1, 2007
Available: February 27, 2007
ISBN #0505526808
EAN #9780505526809
384 pages
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