"erotic vampire tale that continues the story of the d'Argent clan"

In Eternal Surrender, Ann Jacobs has created an extremely hot and erotic tale that continues the story of the d'Argent clan. A clan of nobility, of honor, and of extreme sexual appetites. They are the hunters of evil vampires and they have been on the trail of their most reviled enemy -- the clan Reynard. We find the d'Argent clan coming together in New Orleans to help celebrate the marriage of Stefan and Julie. With spirits high and the celebration in full swing, it would seem little could spoil this joyous occasion. That is, until Alina senses a malevolent presence lurking in the shadows. Someone is out to destroy Alina. Can a mere mortal, Sam Quill, be both her protector and savior?

Alina, Queen of the d'Argent clan, is lonely despite the fact that she could have any male she wants with just a look. And as it is with mortals, she would be dominant and they would submit to her will. What Alina longs for in her heart is to be able to set aside her role as queen and to revel in the passion that her lovers offered. For as long as she is queen, she can never truly have what she dreams for most...and that is to be submissive to a dominant male.

Sam Quill is all alpha male -- right down to his irresistible Southern accent and sexy Cajun French endearment. He's handsome, assertive, and dominant. And after having been widowed for a quarter century - lonely. Alina brings out feelings in him that have been long dormant.

Sam and Alina are both extremely affable characters and the passion between them is explosive. They both have a longing for what the other can give -- one dominant and one submissive. But the real question is whether or not Sam has what it takes to become a Queen's consort?

If you are not into group sex, same-gender sex, or BDSM, then this book is NOT for you. But if the old adage, "the hotter, the better" is more your style, then you'll no doubt revel in this erotic vampire tale. I loved the match between these two characters. I thought Ann Jacobs did a fantastic job with the story and look forward to future installments of the d'Argent clan.

*Contains same gender and group sex, BDSM

Reviewed by Mippy Carlson
Posted April 15, 2007


Lust is in the air in sultry New Orleans, where Alina d'Argent is celebrating the marriage of her cousin and the daughter of widowed businessman Sam Quill. Sam falls quickly under Alina's vampire spell, and but for Alina, Sam's the dominant lover of her fantasies. Yet there seems to be no future for them beyond this short sexual interlude, for they come from worlds too different to be bridged.

An evil vampire is determined to destroy Alina. He's already wreaked havoc on her clan, and she can't shirk her responsibilities in a lover's arms, however tempting this may be. Sam is an Alpha male, uninterested in playing consort to a vampire queen, even if he were willing to be turned, which he is not.

When her enemy attacks Alina, Sam steps in to save her at the cost of his own life. What he wants doesn't matter now. Alina must change him or he will die. Angry at first, Sam quickly accepts his new existence—as well as Alina's eternal surrender—and embraces a shadow life with his vampire queen.

Note: Story contains scenes of same-gender and group sex.

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Eternal Surrender
(d'Argent Honor: Book 3)
by Ann Jacobs

Ellora's Cave
January 1, 2007
ISBN #1419908723
EAN #9781419908729
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