"characters that come to life"

Samantha Wells drives a 1966 Ford Mustang. She loves her car; it's one of the special things in her life, a life that has more misery and heartache than most for her young years. She is haunted by nightmares. Always the same. Always the same tattoo on the man's arm. Her parents were brutally murdered when she was eight and Sam herself was brutally stabbed. But that terrible night also brought her something special that would be with her forever. Her Spirit Guide had come and helped her to escape the house. Now Sam and her Spirit Guide have an extra special bond.

Walter Cannon, Sam's uncle has taken her under his wing; raised her, loved her, and treated her as his own. He is very proud of the young woman she has become. Walter knows she has an extra special gift. Sam at the early age of twelve had gone through four martial arts masters, learning everything they could teach her. Then, the next year she started observing at her uncle's training headquarters, listening and learning. Given the chance to train with the men one day she had taken out four of them in the first twenty minutes, at the age of thirteen. Black Smoke is her handle, added by the black mask she wears. She now protects those who often find themselves in the hands of humanity's worst.

Lt. Mark Lowe (Kong) heads a small covert military team. He has received orders to recover a kidnapped American scientist in Afghanistan. Assistance will come from another source, Black Smoke. Sam soon shows this small group of three men just what she can do. And that she can hold her own. But Kong doesn't like it. Something about Sam has him wondering. She's smart, beautiful, and can do her job, but still something bothers him. Kong finds himself somehow drawn to Sam. There is an aura about her, a special connection when they are together.

The upcoming mission to rescue the American scientist will put all four agents in danger. Letting Black Smoke be in the lead is just a little more than Kong can take. He feels like he needs to watch her, learn about her, and find out what makes her tick. Kong has never known what it is to love someone, so that can't be what he is feeling for her. Suddenly when the mission turns out to be more, Sam's life and her identity are in danger!! Upon returning home Kong is withdrawn. Sam is crushed, withdrawn, and down right cranky. A memory from the past is thrown into her path; something she must follow and see where it goes. But danger soon follows; something so bad that even she has no idea how to handle it. Will Kong and his team rescue her in time? Only Sam's Spirit Guide knows for sure.

Author Robin Leigh Miller has done an outstanding job on the characters in this book. You really feel them come to life on the pages in front of you. The plot of the story is also great, and could be expanded on. It kept my interest up, and I had a hard time putting it down. The Spirit Guide I really liked, being supportive, there when she needed him; along with the reason for the Spirit Guide. This author's name will go into my list of authors to watch.

Reviewed by Connie Devaney
Posted April 15, 2007


Samantha Wells has lived through more hell in her short life than most. At the age of eight her serene life was turned upside down. Her parents were brutally murdered and Sam barely escaped with her life. But she didn't do it alone a soft calm voice led her to safety, the voice of her spirit guide.

Disguised by a black mask and the handle Black Smoke, with the help of her spirit guide Sam rescues those unfortunate people who find themselves in the hands of humanity's worst. Life is good until Sam is called on to assist a small covert military team in recovering a kidnapped scientist in Afghanistan.

Lt. Mark Lowe (Kong) is less than thrilled to be placing his team's lives in the hands of a woman, much less one as beautiful and sexy as Sam. He quickly learns there is more to this woman than meets the eye. She not only infiltrates enemy bases she's infiltrated his heart. Kong retreats to safer ground, leaving Sam heartbroken. Distant and unwilling to listen to anyone, Sam delves headfirst into a hell that only Kong can pull her from.

Genre: Romance - Paranormal
Book Length: Plus Novel

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Black Smoke
by Robin Leigh Miller

Cerridwen Press
March 1, 2007
Available: March 1, 2007
ISBN #1419908421
EAN #9781419908422
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