"A good 'bridge' book in Carpathian series"

Graphic artist Alexandria Houton was at an interview for the hottest new vampire game. Then she came face-to-face with the unbelieveable - a real vampire. Alex would do anything to save her brother from the monster, but what can a mere mortal do?

Aidan Savage has been tracking a vampire and has found and destroyed him. With regret he sees that the vampire has attacked a woman and prepares to give her a merciful death. When 6-year-old Joshua attempts to protect his sister from this new threat, Aidan is shocked to realizes he has found his lifemate.

Dark Gold is the 3rd in the Carpathian series, but is a stand-alone book as it introduces us to an American hunter/protector in San Francisco. Although a good story, it is not my favorite of the Carpathian tales.

There is a focus on Alexandra and Aidan's relationship - although strangers, they must learn to live and love as they are now bound together. Alexandria's struggle to deal with the change from human to Carpathian is a mix of denial, self-pity and blame which can be frustrating to read. That she blamed Aidan for finishing what the vampire started was an irritant. She does overcome this attitude problem and by the end is a likeable character.

Aidan's home is a bit different than other Carpathians as he has human retainers working for him who have full knowledge of their race and the dangers. His housekeeper and her husband are comfortable enough to tease Aidan and add a good emotional balance to the story with their care for Joshua and reactions to dangerous situations.

This was a good 'bridge' book in the series, bringing Carpathians to USA. The sensuality and plot were well written and DARK GOLD is an enjoyable romance book.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted March 28, 2007


A Carpathian Novel

Alexandria Houton would sacrifice anything, even her life, to protect her orphaned little brother. But when both encountered unspeakable evil in the swirling San Franscisco mists, Alex could only cry to heaven for their deliverance. Out of the darkness swooped Aidan Savage, a golden being more powerful, more mysterious than any other creature of the night. The ageless Carpathian male snatched them from a hideous fate. But was Aidan a miracle...or a monster? Alex's salvation...or her sin? If she surrendered to Aidan's savage, unearthly seduction and became his mistress of light, would he truly save her brother? Make them the whole family they both craved? Or would she end up sacrificing more than her life?

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampire, Shapeshifter

*Note: This is a Mass Market Paperback Reissue*

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Dark Gold
(Dark: Book 3)
by Christine Feehan

Love Spell
April 1, 2007
Available: April 3, 2007
ISBN #0843958448
EAN #9780843958447
382 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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