"Brava! Amazing!"

What an utter delight! Happy Hour at Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta offers the readers an odd mix. Sex and Vampires, Latino style! And what a mix! The author has her finger on the pulse of this formula and sees its heart just keeps beating from start to finish. I haven't enjoyed a "silly" vamp romp this much since I read Lynsay Sands' Single White Vampire. Obviously, we shall be hearing more soon from this very talented author.

Milagro de Los Santos is at a book signing for her ex- significant other, Sebastian. She still has emotions for the man, but then Oswald appears on the scene. The handsome stranger summons potent chemistry and they share a peculiar, devastating kiss, with a little mixing of blood. Suddenly, Sebastian is paying attention to her again, but much to disappointment, he seems more interested in finding out about Oswald. He even tries to abduct her when she is less than forth coming.

To the rescue is Gabriel, Oswald's cousin. He rushes her back to the family, which includes Oswald's PITA grandmother and yet another cousin, Sam. It soon becomes clear the whole pack are vamps, though they prefer to think of their state as their "condition". They fear with the blood transfer with Oswald, that Milagro might be slated to have a "condition", too. Sebastian is part of some dark group stalking the vamps, hence his interest in Oswald, sort of like the Watchers in the Highland series or Anne Rice's Talamascar. Poor Milagro is torn between her love for Sebastian and the really cool buzz only Oswald the vamp can give her.

This book is a blast. It's funny, original, witty, romantic silliness that is pure genius!! Brava!! More! More!

Posted November 5, 2006

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted March 26, 2007


Vampires, Margaritas, Mahem What's a a girl to do when she's hidden away at the home of snobby vampires and her ex-boyfriend wants to drive a stake through her heart?

Milagro do los Santos can't find her place in the world or a man to go with it. All the men she meets are like beach reads--fun, but superficial--and she worries that she is only a beach read, too. Then one night, at a book party for her pretentious ex-boyfriend, she meets an oddly attractive man. After she is bitten while kissing him, she falls ill and is squirreled away to his family's estate to recover. Vampires don't exist in this day and age, or do they? As Milagro falls in love with a fabulously inappropriate man, she finds herself caught between a family who has accepted her as one of their own and a shady organization that refuses to let the undead live and love in peace.

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Happy Hour at Casa Dracula
(Casa Dracula: Book 1)
by Marta Acosta

Pocket Books
July 1, 2006
Available: July 4, 2006
ISBN #1416520384
EAN #9781416520382
320 pages
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