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The day the Berlin Wall fell brought about more change than anyone on Earth expected; they were invaded from outer space by the Jorans. Magic that was locked away was released and with the help of another alien race the Blue, human Champions came about. These Champions were able to defeat the Jorans and became Earth's heroes. Twenty years later the Planetary Protection Agency (PPA) keeps track of these Superheroes, and uses them as independent agents whenever they are needed against alien, alchemical and earthly dangers.

Attorney Liz Blackwell is spying on her employer for the FBI. The law firm she works for is linked to one of the most dangerous crime organizations, the Snakehead Triad. Her geeky secretary Kent Alistair has had a crush on her, but can not do anything about it since he too has a secret, he is the Ninja. Kent would never have tried anything with Liz for fear of her safety, plus he has his own mission against the Triad. The Ninja is not registered with the PPA, but has a friend, a demon named Jasper who is; they share information.

One night after meeting with her handler she was attacked by a Triad Alchemist and a group of thugs, lucky for her the Ninja was around to rescue her. While thanking the Ninja, Liz kisses him and things begin to heat up. The Ninja becomes her secret lover and Liz finds herself now thinking about sex a lot; this makes her aware of Kent as a man and she no longer sees him as geeky. Kent is confused because he is jealous of his alter ego being with Liz and he wants her to like the whole package. Will Kent and Liz be able to trust and work with each other before it is too late?

Superheroes, and alchemists, and demons, and FBI agents, and the mob, and ninjas, OH MY!!! One would think that that combination couldn't possibly work, but Racy Li proves to us that it does and she does so superbly. This is the second story taking place in this world; the other Demon Rescuer is available free at, well worth going to her site and checking it out. I loved both stories and look forward to reading more from this author.

Reviewed by Catherine Smith
Posted March 26, 2007


A ninja never reveals his existence to anyone

In a parallel world of alchemy, demons and superheroes, even the most ordinary may harbor the most extraordinary of secrets. Liz Blackwell leads a double life, as an attorney by day, and a freelance spy on the side. Unknown to her, her geeky secretary Kent Alistair is the mysterious superhero known simply as “Ninja.” In the middle of an international game of crime wars, demons and mystical objects, can these two people learn to trust each other before it is too late?

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by Racy Li

Loose Id
January 1, 2007
ISBN #1596323787
EAN #9781596323780
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