"Short and Spicy Paranormal"

Hiking through the woods of Wisconsin Maggie was just a little distraught when she became separated from her sister Stacy and her boyfriend. Coming face to face with a huge cougar realization sunk in -- she was in trouble! Attacked and knocked to the ground the pain was excruciating when the cougar's sharp teeth bit into her shoulder. Maggie valiantly tried to fight it off thinking she was done for when out of the dark another sleek dark image seemed to come to her aid, before the blackness closed in. Awakening on a soft bed with her shoulder bandaged Maggie disoriented until she spotted a big yummy looking guy leaning against the doorway. Alone in what seemed a very rustic cabin with this mysteriously compelling man who introduced himself as Justin and who seemed to be able to read her mind Maggie should have been wary but for some reason, his presence made her feel safe. Soon, Maggie would find out she hadn't been bitten by just an ordinary feline and that Justin was not some ordinary hunk. That bite and Justin would have lasting effects that were about to change her world.

This was an amazingly fast-paced, imaginative, and sensual laden read that grabs you from the very beginning and doesn't let up for a minute. All the elements are brought to life including a thorough characterization of a young woman who is faced with the inescapable fact that life as she knew it was about to change dramatically. Being bitten and infected with lycanthropy she herself would lose some of her own humanity as she slowly began to experience physical and psychological changes in her body and thought process (especially feelings of an animalistic lust for Justin). The sex elements were tasteful and hot and the introduction of a villain in this short story gave just enough drama and suspense to add a bit more zest and spice to the plot. This was a very fine effort indeed by Ms. Steiger in weaving so much action into such an entertaining short and spicy read.

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted March 23, 2007


Waking in a cabin in the deep forest, Maggie isn't certain whether to trust the stranger who rescued her or not. There is something dark and dangerous, and at the same time fascinating and infinitely appealing, about the man with the strange yellow-green eyes.

Rating: Contains explicit sex and graphic language.

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by Amanda Steiger

New Concepts Publishing
December 1, 2006
ISBN #1586089943
EAN #9781586089948
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