"where can I sign-up for Spaceforce!"

Lieutenant Graham Hamm of the Spaceforce, sometimes called Gray but more commonly known as the Hammer, due to his unusually large body part, is instantly smitten when he walks into the officer's mess Hall on Earth Base Ten. His entire body responded to the sight of Velvet Meadows sitting alone at the table behind his friends. When he finally got his wits about him and sat down at his table, he announced to them that he was in Love. His friends tell him she is crazy due to being the only person to survive the Grundians attack on Etiens. None the less Gray still wants Velvet and tells everyone.

Velvet is an Adept and was able to hear every word spoken at their table and she let them know it. Adepts are able to change their physiology to adapt to their environment. Gray with the help of two friends, Matchstick and Jason come up with a plan to get Velvet in the sack; their other friend Jed, wants no part of it. Once Gray is alone with Velvet he regrets his plan because she opened up with him and showed her true self. But Velvet finds out and will now have nothing to do with him, plus she has shut herself down again.

Through a turn of events Gray, Jed and Velvet are sent on a mission together to go against the Grundians. It turns out that Jed also has feelings toward Velvet, and through him is the only way for Gray to get Velvet to open back up. The three must trust each other completely and in everyway imaginable, in order to complete the mission and survive.

Madison Hayes has written an excellent Sci-Fi erotic romance that will have you asking, where can I sign-up for Spaceforce! I know I want to know. The characters are very likeable, I found myself rooting for them. The sex scenes are Hot! There is M/F/M ménage action, but is in no way homoerotic. I look forward to the next book from this author.

Reviewed by Catherine Smith
Posted March 22, 2007


This is book 2 in the Made for Two series.

When Lieutenant Velvet Meadows loses most of her comrades in battle, part of her withdraws to protect her heart from future loss. Because she's an Adept-a race that adapts to changes in their environment-she does a damn efficient job of it. Velvet's emotions are in lockdown.

It doesn't help when Lieutenant Graham Hamm goes to Velvet's room, determined to humble the proud little hellcat in front of his friends. But when Gray falls for the beautiful Adept, he ends up hurting no one more than himself. Now Velvet's shields are up where Gray is concerned. Only through her trust for another man will her love be resurrected.

Lieutenant Jed Castille can see that Velvet needs help. He knows that he and Gray must work together to unearth Velvet's deeply buried emotions. Unfortunately, Graham and Jed are longtime rivals.

Together the trio embarks upon a dangerous mission to eliminate a Spaceforce enemy, while the two rivals pit their desires against Velvet's resistance. By the time victory is theirs, the three officers will have made an unlikely the bedroom and in love.

Sexual Content: Rated E-rotic
Genre : Sci-Fi / Menage a trois or More< br> Book Length: .Novel.

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Made for Two Rivals
(Made for Two: Book 2)
by Madison Hayes

Ellora's Cave
March 1, 2007
Available: March 15, 2007
ISBN #1419909487
EAN #9781419909481
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