"laugh out loud, funny, sexy vampire romp"

Some readers shall see this as author Gerry Bartlett's debut novel, but au contraire, "Ganymede" and I are clued up and know this is former historical romance author Lynn McKay. I enjoyed her historical works. However it's with this absolutely wonderful novel about a vampire, full of humour and fashion-savvy, where Bartlett hits her true stride.

Glory St. Clair has spent the past few centuries royally P.O.ed at the sexy vamp, Blade. It wasn't the fact he turned her into a vampire, which left her with a mad on. When he made her a vamp she was less than her svelte self, and ever since, she's been stuck with that "well-rounded" figure, the pits for a fashion maven! Eternal life sucks¯pardon the pun. Dating is troublesome, all those curves are a pain to one cursed with a fashion sense, and now some whacked out vampire hunter is running around trying to be a pain in the bum¯and other places. Glory, poor lass never learnt the full extent of being one of the undead in Vampdom, but after all these centuries she just might be getting her act together. So what's a lass to do when Blade pops up trying to play hero and save her from the big bad vampire killer?

Clearly, the first in a new series, this novel is a breath of fresh air into the funny vamps sub genre. Nina Bangs, Katie Macalister, MaryJanice Davidson and Lynsay Sands make room for the newest member of the Vamp sisterhood because Gerry Bartlett has arrived. I highly recommend this laugh out loud, funny, sexy vampire romp and eagerly await Real Vampires Live Large.

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted March 18, 2007


Sometimes being a vampire bites. I mean, I haven’t seen daylight since 1604. But who could resist a chance to live forever? Especially when the man offering is hunky Scottish vampire Jeremiah Campbell. Who knew that the way you are on your big V-day, the day you turn vampire, is the way you are forever. So I’m stuck for eternity with the kind of “generous” curves that are so not in style.

Believe it or not, not everybody appreciates vampires. A techno-freak big game hunter wants to add my fangs to his tacky trophy necklace. And then there’s the killer with the pointy wooden crosses . . . As for my love life, Jerry’s hanging around and still pushing my hot buttons. And there’s this to-die-for Italian vampire who claims to be Casanova. Mr. Right? Or Mr. Right Now? If I can just stay alive long enough to enjoy both of them . . .

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampire, Chick Lit


Real Vampires Have Curves
(Glory St. Claire: Book 1)
by Gerry Bartlett

Berkley Pub Group
March 1, 2007
ISBN #0425213773
EAN #9780425213773
336 pages
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