"an amorous ghost makes sensual mischief"

Writer Adele Amhurst arrives at the house she had her friend and new boss Gina rent for her sight unseen. Intent on getting inside to check out the inside of the house and weary from travel, Adele was not aware that her new neighbor was standing on her front porch watching her walk up. Nicholas Patterson introduces himself and does not make a great first impression with Adele other than being really handsome.

The inside of the house turns out to be very cozy and full of antiques but the upstairs was too cold, so Adele decided to sleep downstairs in front of the fire on the couch. After her first night she wakes up feeling like someone had been sleeping next to her, she thinks nothing of it. When she arrives at the Daily Messenger, Gina shows her to her new office and asked if she had met Adam. Adam it turns out is a horny ghost that has been scaring off previous renters of the house. Adele does not believe Gina about the ghost.

Adele wakes from her second night in the house and realizes that she had the most erotic dream that she has ever imagined. She writes down notes about her dream, thinking about incorporating it somehow in a story, tamed down of course. Adam visits Adele again in her dreams the following night, this time she is aware and surprises Adam with her knowledge of him. But Adele and Adam soon realize that she is not dreaming and that provokes an interesting discussion between the two that ends with them passionately entangled.

Adam starts showing his true colors and Adele devises a way to get him out of her house with the aid of Gina and her neighbor Nicholas. Will Adele be able to trust Nicholas and go through with their plan? Can even such a plan work, or are the risks too great?

By Midnight is an interesting novella that makes you believe in ghosts, and the possibilities of an amorous one.

Reviewed by Catherine Smith
Posted March 15, 2007


Columnist, Adele Amhurst has hit upon a great story. Her house is haunted by a sensual ghost, Adam, who preys on the dreams of women to feel alive. When he enters her dreams, he becomes more possessive than she’d like.

In order to expel him from her home and her head, she enlists the help of two friends, her employer and friend, Gina, and her appetizing neighbor, Nicholas. Despite his arrogance or perhaps because of it, Nicholas is the only one who can change the mind of a ghost, but can she handle what that intimacy may mean?

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By Midnight
by Jennah Sharpe

Cobblestone Press
February 1, 2007
ISBN #1600881092
EAN #9781600881091
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