"Seven stories of fiery passion"

Caira, an owner of a bakery, has a fascination with an old picture of a brutally handsome man of days long past. One day, while out, she stops into a store run by an old gypsy woman. Caira is drawn to a locket with a special inscription. This locket and the picture hold the key to love, magic and the coming of danger. Now the true story begins.

Lover's Locket is by Cathryn Fox. Ms. Fox took a familiar thread of a picture being the link to a long lost love, weaving in her own unique blend of storytelling and sexual heat. Very nicely done.

Working for an ad agency, Kili is totally taken with the warrior athlete named Ice Man. And why shouldn't she be? The man is huge, with big, brawny muscles and sexy enough that a girl could almost come just looking at him. When these two collide in a virtual reality scene it becomes one sexual adventure neither will forget!

Kili's Ice Man is by Delilah Devlin. This story is the carnality winner. It was so hot, this reviewer needed to take a break and get some air, no kidding. It was sexually fierce. Then Ms. Devlin crafts two larger-than-life characters to round out this tale. This reviewer loved this story and Ms. Devlin is a carnal queen!

Take two strangers stranded at a motel, one is a dark and sinful looking male that knows how to tease and please a woman. Jessica will be the woman that he will show how wonderful a woman's body truly can be with the right touch; giving her more than sexual satisfaction but sexual healing as well.

The Hottest One Night Stand is by Lisa Rene Jones. This is another one of those too hot-to-handle tales. Ms. Jones pulled out every sexual trick from her bag and penned a stellar story about one deliciously dark stranger and the woman he sexual devastates. Yummy!

TJ Evans is a vampire-hunting cop. That just happened to have a fantastic night of sex with his neighbor. A neighbor that he has also become good friends with, but all that will change when she is attacked one dark night...

Out of the Shadows is by Myla Jackson. Ms. Jackson took a recognizable premise, but spun it with her own personal flare. Neighbors that find one night of sexual pleasure turns out very different from what one would think it should. The erotic tension is solid throughout this tale, without devouring the story.

Max, a warlock, is sent in to 'handle' Victoria, a very bad pussycat. He is to tame her if he can, bringing her to heel by any means in his sexual arsenal. The erotic flashes that flare between these two strong-willed individuals could either be pure magic or lead to their destruction.

A Familiar Kind of Magic is by Sylvia Day. This story is the crown jewel of the anthology. Ms. Day collared this reader with sensuous characters that had her purring and clawing for more. Ms. Day has proven time and time again that she has what it takes to write in any genre and do it with sexual precision and a killer pen!

Grace Walters is a reformed woman who runs an after school program for troubled teens. This all came about by the godsend of Father John when he changed her life many years ago. It is Lukas Martin, Father John's son that awakens sexual urges that Grace finds too hard to resist. She is torn between her unfailing commitment to Father John and her sexual interest in Lukas.

Tempting Grace is by Sasha White. Ms. White has an interesting premise as always, but it seemed shallow, as the sex overshadowed the story, loosing the emotional depth of the characters along the way. Also, though this is an ARC and minor errors are acceptable, there was one area where Ms. White switched from third person to first narrative then back again. It stopped this reader dead in her tracks wondering what the heck happened.

Sangria is one smart touch cookie. She is the person you called when you needed an important delivery picked up and dropped off; only what she transports is highly dangerous and illegal as hell. Sangria will get a very special pickup that will turn her life upside down!

Quick Silver is by Vivi Anna. With imagination and a very sexy flair, Ms. Anna procured a story of one tough as nails woman that gets more than she bargained for. Something sinfully packaged in the most unusual of ways.

All seven stories bring a lot to this fiery passion filled book, but three stories held the most appeal and stood out amongst this lineup of wonderful authors: Kili's Ice Man by Delilah Devlin, The Hottest One Night Stand by Lisa Rene Jones and A Familiar Kind of Magic by Sylvia Day.

Alluring Tales: Awaken the Fantasy is well worth a read and has enough heat to fire-up any erotic lover's discerning tastes.

Reviewed by Janalee Ruschhaupt
Posted March 13, 2007



A television executive lets loose when her favorite heartthrob strides into her office–and gives her the ride of her life.

This one night stand may be too hot to handle for a newly single woman, but that won’t stop her from enjoying every delicious second.

When a mysterious package opens to reveal an oh-so-sexy, nearly naked man, these two have no choice but to hide out…for a good, long time.

A minister’s son harbors impure thoughts about a voluptuous stripper–and sets out to make his erotic dreams come true…

A big city cop discovers that once bitten is not twice shy after spending a tantalizing night with a beautiful vampire…

A sheltered young woman opens a mysterious locket–and is plunged into a legendary battle of good versus evil to set her imprisoned lover free…

A seductive warlock will not rest until the powerful temptress he lusts for is begging to be dominated…

Pleasure beckons and satisfaction is guaranteed in seven titillating stories of love that knows no boundaries. Surrender to the passion and follow your desires into unexplored realms of sensuous delights. Awaken the

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Alluring Tales: Awaken the Fantasy
by Sylvia Day, Vivi Anna, Delilah Devlin, Sasha White, Myla Jackson

Avon (Red)
February 1, 2007
Available: February 27, 2007
ISBN #0061176036
EAN #9780061176036
336 pages
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