"beautifully told story enriched with history, myths and a touch of magic"

Brigid and Daniel love each other, but Tommy O'Toole, a meddlesome leprechaun causes the two to be forever divided. It was 1873, when Daniel was arrested as a rebel and deported to America.

Daniel's troubles take him to Pennsylvania Coal Company and the Molly Maguires. Brigid is left behind in Ireland, where loneliness and starvation are constant companions.

Tommy O'Toole is banished from his world until he can redeem himself. In the twenty-first century, he finds that possibility with Maggie and Galen.

Maggie Carroll's dreams are like a siren's call to Ireland. On a whim, she enters a contest to win a trip to the Emerald Island, never visualizing that she would end up being one of the top contestants. As much as it pains her to do so, she must turn down the offer for she has two young children that need her at home. She can't in good conscious go chasing after her dreams, but Galen Devlin will not take no for an answer.

Galen Devlin works for Traveling Tour Company. To encourage people to take their tours to Ireland, he starts a promotion where a person is to describe in a brief paragraph the reason for the `pipes' calling them back home to the Emerald Island. Galen reads Maggie's explanation and is charmed. Now all he has to do is persuade the stubborn woman to come to New York by St. Patrick's Day, where the final contestant will be chosen.

With a little bit of glamour from Tommy O'Toole, the stories are told. True love is forever and some dreams do come true.

Ms. Murphy has taken two stories: one, an Irish tale of star-crossed lovers; another of destined soul mates, and intertwined them into this beautifully told story enriched with history, myths and a touch of magic. She truly is a gifted Seanachaí (storyteller).

Courtesy: Karen Michelle Nutt, author

Reviewed by Karen Michelle Nutt
Posted March 9, 2007


Single mother Maggie Carroll longs to go to Ireland, but two young daughters and financial troubles take precedence until she enters a contest on the internet that leads her closer to her dreams than she ever imagined. Irishman Galen Devlin, working the tourism trade in post-9/11 New York City, is a lonely bachelor longing for love. Both have a distant shared past that includes Thomas Terrance O’Toole, a modern-day leprechaun with matchmaking on his mind. The Irish ballad “Danny Boy” often brings tears to the eyes of those longing for home.

Join Maggie and Galen in The Pipes Are Calling, as they share a homeward journey that includes the true saga of the Molly Maguires, a 19th-century group of impoverished Irish immigrants struggling for labor rights against the rough backdrop of the Pennsylvania hard coal industry. And listen…the bittersweet strains of the pipes may be calling you.


The Pipes Are Calling
by Loretta A. Murphy

PublishAmerica, Inc.
November 1, 2006
ISBN #142414826X
EAN #9781424148264
208 pages
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