"vibrant and fresh new voice in the field of erotic fantasy"

Would you love to be a woman that men adored and worshipped? Men there for your every want and desire? Your happiness above all else, even above their own? Then open Forbidden: Book One of Zinah to experience the gratification of one very special woman and the men that live and breath only to please her...

The High Priestess, Cryessa, is sacred to the people she protects. At her side are five men that were taken and enslaved to her. It is their function to see to her every desire—her every sexual demand. These men are strong warriors that also protect the woman that is the heart and soul of the Temple, for she must use her powers to keep King Throlock from overthrowing the temple. He is a devious ruler that wants the Priestess dead for his own personal political agenda.

One of Cryessa male slaves is more than just a slave; he creates womanly desires above and beyond the other men. He alone is special, which is forbidden, yet she cannot contain her desires for his brand of carnality.

Cryessa is a woman of great strength and magical power. Her domination over the men, her slaves, is almost savage at times. They are her tools to use in any way she sees fit. But these men also play an important role in the future of the Temple and the people that reside there. Can her feelings for her special slave/warrior become her saving grace or her downfall? Will she be able to keep the Temple from getting into the hands of King Throlock?

Forbidden: Book One of Zinah is the debut release for author Lila Dubois. The new voice of Ms. Dubois in the field of erotic fantasy/paranormal has emerged strong, vibrant and fresh. In a genre of many great writers, Ms. Dubois stands out and is sure to be a front-runner in the future. Her erotic quill overflows with carnal heat and refined crafting.

Forbidden: Book One of Zinah is a book that transcends most in its class. The premise is completely novel, unlike anything this reviewer has ever read. Magic, unbelievable sexual variety and pencrafting creates a magnificent book that this reviewer highly recommends.

Please note: M-M-M-M-M-F, Multiple partners, ménage a cinq, toys, D/s, bondage, whipping, spanking, c/b restraint, anal sex.

Reviewed by Janalee Ruschhaupt
Posted March 6, 2007


The Land Between the Seas, a world in peril, is the responsibility of one woman. Cryessa, High Priestess of the land by birth and training, is strong and commanding, but locked in a life and death struggle to protect her people from the King, who bears a centuries old hate for the Temple.

Bound to her in slavery, prisoners of war and captives of fate, five men serve as her aides, her lovers, her slaves. One, however, is bound to her with something stronger, deeper, and utterly forbidden. Tamlohn, kidnapped and given to her in chains, chafes at his bindings, but continues to submit, in every way, because of his love and hers.

The political climate in the kingdom is steadily worsening. King Throlock, like his predecessors before him, rules the land only for his own pleasure. He has been continually thwarted by the efforts of the Priestess, while his multiple plots to overthrow or control the Temple have failed. Each failure has only made the King more petulant, vindictive, and determined to hurt those who hinder him, particularly the beloved and dedicated High Priestess.

Cryessa takes on the King and a centuries-old curse to protect her people, the temple, and the traditions she is entrusted to keep, no matter the cost to herself and her slaves. But, in a land steeped in ritual and magic, bound by rules that are indissoluble, can she protect herself from love —the highest form of treason?

Content: M-M-M-M-M-F, Multiple partners, menage a cinq , toys, D/s, bondage, whipping, spanking, c/b restraint, anal sex

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(Zinah's: Book 1)
by Lila Dubois

Liquid Silver Books
January 1, 2007
ISBN #1595783008
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