"The long awaited sequel to GUARDIAN OF HONOR!"

The Sorcerers have decided that it's time their own Exotique was summoned. The darkness is just getting worse and they need someone to help them battle it. The Sorcerers get together a payment to the Marshalls so they can summon the Exotique.

Meanwhile Marian Harasta keeps having very strange dreams that she simply can't understand. She knows she is very much tied to Mother Earth and constantly seeks knowledge and a way to help her brother Andrew with his MS.

Marian's Mentor Golden Raven mysteriously appears at Marian's house and tells her that she must do a ritual that very night. Marian had planned to anyway but this situation is just too strange. Then Marian's mother Candace calls and tells her if she wants the rest of her graduate school money she must show up at a fundraiser that Candace is heading up. Marian hates being blackmailed but knows she will keep trying to make her mother happy even though she knows she'll never succeed.

Then Marian realizes that the ritual is more important. She sets everything important to her in the middle of the pentagram and most especially her hamster Tuck before she starts the ritual. As she starts the ritual, she feels as if she is being pulled down a long corridor and something evil is after her. Then she loses Tuck in the corridor. Suddenly she is in a strange and different place with people all around her. Then the most dangerous handsome man appears in the circle with her as do others. What does this mean? What will Marian do when she finds out she may be Llandrana's only hope for battling the darkness once and for all.

As with GUARDIAN OF HONOR, SORCERESS OF FAITH had me totally engrossed. I just cannot get enough of Robin D. Owens' books. I find myself reading them much too fast but then when I get to the end, I am sad that I'm finished. Ms. Owens books hold a prominent place on my keeper shelf! As always, I eagerly await her next book!

Reviewed by Kathy Boswell
Posted April 3, 2006

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted February 28, 2007



With the world of Llandrana threatened by encroaching evil, the Sorcerers must do the unthinkable--Summon an outsider to stop the insidious Darkness slowly taking control of their land and poisoning the Sorcerers themselves.

Arriving in Lladrana, grad student Marian Harasta is stunned to find herself the center of a dispute among Sorcerers who want to augment their Power with her own. She must quickly learn her new magical Powers - and decide who she can trust in this strange land. She has prayed for a miracle to save her brother - could Lladrana offer that knowledge, and can she somehow return to Earth with it?

She knows she must offer the Sorcerers something in exchange, and ridding them of the Evil Sorcerer is what they want, but how will she fare in her first magical duel?

With unexpected help - and unexpected betrayal - Marian must determine where her true fate lies.

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Sorceress Of Faith
(The Summoning: Book 2)
by Robin D. Owens

February 1, 2006
Available: February 1, 2006
ISBN #0373802218
EAN #9780373802210
512 pages
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