"A legendary contemporary fantasy novella"

The great Lady has woken the spinner Cadwyn from a thousand year sleep as a stone to spin the life thread of an emerging life that will be important to Fae and mankind alike. The child, Abhainn, is to be the last of the Asrae - the Fae of All waters.

The Asrae had been cursed when Abhainn's ancestor Afon, destracted by her human lover, failed to take her place in the Circle at the Great Gathering. The mortal man, Blaen of Craighmor lost his lover and his King that night. Afon had become one with the water, and without Blaen by his side King Arthur had perished in battle. In his anger and grief Blaen strikes the sacred alter stone breaking off a piece vowing that Fae magic would never blind him or his kin from that day forward. The rift between the Fae and mortals had begun. Mortals had lost their belief in the Faery world and Avalon saw mortal men no more until....

So intent on keeping the spark of this vital life alive, Cadwyn had woven a piece of her own apron into the thread binding stone and water, strengthening the young life. She failed to notice the end of the moon water thread touching the life thread of a human male, spanning the great gap in the life web between the two worlds.

Michael Craig is on a quest to find the maker of fine thread which had been delivered to his family's textile business. The thread is in great demand and he must acquire more or the business will fold. The source of the thread is shrouded in mystery until he finds a label leading him to the misty isle of Inisghriann and Abhainn. Michael, Blaen's kin, retains no memory of being shipwrecked there as a child and has lost his belief in fairytales, but Abhainn remembers.

Dark forces among the Fae threaten to depose the great Lady, to do so they must prevent Abhainn from taking her rightful place in the Great Circle on the Isle of Avalon at the next Gathering. The fate of human and Fae kind alike is riding on the shoulders the small Fae woman. When Michael saves Abhainn's life with an accidental kiss, his fate is bound to hers. If Abhainn can overcome her fear of the water, can Michael overcome his disbelief, to become the knight he was born to become?

This tale was a real page turner. The story was so engrossing that it could easily stand alone, but this reviewer has no doubt that it will sell the anthology as well. This fantasy was well worth losing sleep over. If you enjoy fantasy, legend, and star-crossed romance you are sure to enjoy Abhainn's Kiss.

Note: This story will be rereleased in print as part of the IN THE GLOAMING anthology later in 2007.
Anne Cain is the cover artist.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted February 28, 2007


Avalon reborn....

Hidden away on a misty island off the Irish coast all her life, Abhainn has no idea she is the last of her Faery race -- until a troll tries to kill her.

Her peaceful world shattered, she has only days to fulfill her destiny. She must defy a curse that dooms her to hide from the sun, and take her rightful place in the Great Circle on the Isle of Avalon. Only Abhainn can restore the balance of Dark and Light, and heal the rift between humans and Fae. That's a tall order for a one fragile Faery.

Michael Craig is on a quest of his own, one grounded in cold, hard reality. Fairy tales? They're for children and dreamers. But when he rescues Abhainn from certain death with an accidental kiss, he finds himself thrown into a very different reality. One he's reluctant to accept, even as it unfolds before his eyes. Only one thing holds him there -- Abhainn will die without him.

Abhainn�s life depends on Michael�s kiss, his sword arm�and his ability to believe.

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Length: Novella

Warning: This book contains violence, unruly Faeries, scary sea creatures, evil queens, graphic sexual content and language.

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Abhainn's Kiss
(The Gloaming)
by Carolan Ivey

Samhain Publishing
February 1, 2007
Available: February 20, 2007
ISBN #1599984881
EAN #9781599984889
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