"richly developed cast of characters"

In this second chapter to the Eagle Clan series, we rejoin the clan 3 years later. Dan and Rath go to Niagara Falls looking for a demon named Grant that Dan learned about from the Keepers scrolls. The tombs mention him as someone who may be connected to Dan's father. Rath goes along to protect Dan as he always has. Once there they find not only Grant but also a dancer named Destiny and her daughter, Angle. Grant is unlike most demons in that he cares about humans and protects his human decedents; Angle is one of them. Rath falls hard for Destiny and has to deal with the guilt of deciding who is more important to him, his mate or his clan brother. Destiny, an innocent woman even though she is a stripper, is dragged into this world of the supernatural and must decide if she should follow her heart or her head when it comes to Rath and Grant.

This second installment in the Eagle clan series has a richly developed cast of characters, both secondary and the Hero and Heroine. I enjoyed learning more about this world that L. Shannon has created. Rath and Destiny had a sweet story that the author told very well, she also leaves you wanting more. I will definitely be watching for the other installments in this world of the Eagle Clan. If you are looking for a story of sweet love, of good triumphing over evil, this book is a good choice.

Reviewed by Christina Hopper
Posted February 22, 2007


In book two of the Eagle Clan series, Rath and Dàn travel to Niagara Falls searching for the truth about Dàn’s father. They find a playboy, sex demon, with all the answers but he expects them to jump through hoops to get them.

Before they get the chance, Dàn is attacked by a secretive enemy and Rath is falling in love with a woman who needs him to protect her child from a terrorizing pedophile. There is still a chance it will work out, with the “help” of a troublesome Gypsy girl, a rogue werewolf and a would-be werewolf hunter…

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(Eagle Clan Series: Book2)
by L. Shannon

Cobblestone Press
December 1, 2006
ISBN #1600880797
EAN #9781600880797
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