"a look into a terrifying future"

In the future, Earth central command has made it illegal to reproduce naturally, marry or have relations with an equal, and to have the alpha gene is an instant death sentence. All sexual needs are taken care of by contracted pleasure slaves. It is illegal to have sex or even masturbate in front of any one not a pleasure slave.

Quinton Stillwell has the alpha gene, was naturally born and has managed to hide this fact and become an intergalaxy ship captain. He started as a pleasure slave and his mistress gave him his freedom with the condition that he would return to Earth every three months and give her an update on what is happening in the galaxy. Quinn has made his ship a refuge for others with the alpha gene.

Rhyanne Hamilton, a virgin pleasure slave contracted by Faye, Quinn's old mistress, still hasn't learned to suppress her free will. She is planning on escaping so she can make her own choices and choose her own lovers. Unknown to Rhyanne, Faye contracted her to become Quinn's mate. When Quinn denies her, she puts her escape plan in effect and runs right into a slave ring. Will Quinn find her in time?

I don't usually read futuristic but this one sounded good and it lived up to it. Dawn of the Alpha is a look into a terrifying future and the depths that people will go to maintain free will. I found Lacy Savage's world an interesting place to visit but wouldn't want to live there. I will however be watching to see if the author goes anywhere with this world. Some of the secondary characters could easily be the foundation of another book. I enjoyed this visit to a future that I hope would never occur, can't imagine a world where it's illegal for consenting adults to have sex or marry.

Reviewed by Christina Hopper
Posted February 22, 2007


She’s lost in a fog of sexual temptation…

Indentured pleasure servant Rhyanne Hamilton has been trained in the carnal arts her entire life. Though she's never been able to put her skills to use, she knows it's just a matter of time until she must submit to the whims of a master. Desperate to live her own life, Rhyanne seizes what might be her one chance to escape: Festival Night.

Although the Terran Government regulates every service and commodity -- including sex -- for 364 days of the year, worshippers of Saint Valentine have free reign to indulge their base instincts on February 14. Hedonistic, explicit displays of sexual devotion surround her from all sides, suffusing her body with aching temptation.

Then one man's feral, predatory hunger awakens hidden desires and places her entire plan in jeopardy. The Alpha beckons…

But is he her rescuer… or her downfall?

If not for needing to fulfill an obligation to his benefactor, Quinton "Quinn" Stillwell would never return to Earth. Here, the Terran Government rules every aspect of its citizens’ lives. Marriage has been outlawed. Romantic love is unheard of. And without exception, everyone thought to be a carrier of the Alpha shapeshifting gene -- everyone like him -- is under a death sentence.

But his benefactor is also the woman who owns Rhyanne's contract, and he owes her -- big. Urged to find Rhyanne before it's too late, he braves the bold, carnal pull of the Festival to track down his prey. Her essence calls to him, and something about Rhyanne’s soft, vulnerable body awakens every possessive instinct in his feral nature.

But Quinn isn't the only one looking for Rhyanne…

Publisher’s Note: This book has graphic sexual content that may be objectionable to some readers: mild BDSM, forced seduction, anal sex.

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Dawn of the Alpha
by Lacey Savage

Loose Id
February 1, 2007
Available: February 13, 2007
ISBN #1596324058
EAN #9781596324053
192 pages
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