"engaging, sexy and highly entertaining"

Wow, wow, and wow! I can't sing enough praise for this hot, imaginative and beautiful tale of growth, discovery, acceptance and love. Ms. Rossetti's Tailspin is a blistering afterburn of emotion that will grab you from the first sentence, and draw you into an engaging, sexy and highly entertaining fantasy world.

Miriliel the Burnished is an Aetherii warrior and all anyone could ask for in a hero -- loyal, lusty and luscious. With golden hair, wings and a feathery wicked tail, he's everything storyteller circus girl, Fledge ever dreamed of and nothing she'd thought she'd find on earth. After Fledge saves him from a dire fate, Mirry finds himself beguiled by her. Fledge thinks herself a plain and ordinary girl compared to his grand looks and intellect. But with his devoted attention and unwavering passion, she shines like a diamond out of the rough and captivates Mirry with her brilliance. However, no matter how hard she makes his two hearts beat, with his dear friend still missing and feared dead, a piece of him is lost.

Janarnavriel the Noir is a big, dark, brooding Aetherii Alpha hero who knows what he wants—Mirry. After the suffering he endures at the hands of the vile demon who kidnapped him, he's not afraid to take it. Jan vows if reunited with Mirry, he'll never waste time letting his feelings be known. Afterall, his love for his Aetherii brethren brings out the best in his bruised and battered soul. But when the demon's claws sink further into it than any of them imagined, will Mirry alone be enough to banish its hold? Or will they need Fledge's incomparable spirit and love to keep them all from spinning out of control?

I loved this book! No matter how hard I tried, I could not quit reading it, even for work. It's very rare I risk getting fired just to sneak chapters of a book, but I did for Tailspin. My hats off to Ms. Rossetti! Her lyrical prose is beautiful and descriptive. She breathes unadulterated life into her characters so fully and with such precision, you feel as if you stand beside them while you follow their journey. Indeed, by the time you reach the end, it seems you have known them your whole life. All I can say is, Fledge is one lucky lass to have these two scorching hot heroes warming her heart—and her bed.

If you like your romances hot enough to steam the computer screen and a bit on the spicy side due in part to the *ménage a trios and *m/m themes, then I HIGHLY recommend this read. You won't be sorry. I know I eagerly await future works by this very talented and exceptionally creative author!

Courtesy: Meagan Hatfield, author

Reviewed by Meagan Hatfield
Posted February 12, 2007


Rated E-rotic
Genre : Menage a trois or More / Fantasy
Not PEARL eligible

From his magnificent tawny wings to his wicked feathery tail, Miriliel the Burnished is masculine perfection.

One glance and Fledge knows she's outclassed. After all, she's a small, ordinary circus girl with no education, no looks and no prospects. Mirry's not only a warrior of the Aetherii but also a scholar of renown. Mesmerized by the power of his personality and her desire to be mastered, Fledge gives herself up for lost. But she can't help thinking if only she had wings, she'd soar with Mirry in a Mating Flight for the ages. If only…

Mirry has lots of things on his oh-so-clever mind. An ageless demon captured his friend, Janarnavriel the Noir, and it's using the dark warrior's beautiful body for a perverted playground. All Mirry has to do is rescue his friend, finish his encyclopedia and educate Fledge. By the time he's finished, she'll know how to read, write and submit for her pleasure — and his. In between, he needs to kill a deathless demon, sort out his complicated feelings for Jan and show Fledge the secret of an Aetherii orgasm.

Not to worry. He's made a list…

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(Phoenix Rising: Book 2)
by Denise Rossetti

Ellora's Cave
January 1, 2007
ISBN #141990910X
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