"storytelling that is magical and beautiful"

Sayblee Safipour is assigned to work with the handsome and overly sexually appealing, Felix Valasay. She has been attracted to the fun loving, womanizing man for fifteen years.

Traveling through the matter arriving at Felix's home in Hawaii, she finds him entertaining a female—naturally. Some things never change. Theirs will be a rocky start of a working relationship. They are to go to Paris to pose as a loving couple to try and locate the evil Quain, who is thought to be in Paris. Together they will face danger, intrigue, and feelings both have not realized existed deep within. Discovering them as new layers of their personalities are exposed with each day they spend in the other's company.

Welcome to the magical world of the ancient Les Croyant des Trois. It is Felix, the youngest of the three Valasay brothers, that comes to life in the final book in the trilogy within Ms. Inclan's exquisite words. Once again, Ms. Inclan ignites the pages with fluid storytelling that is magical and beautiful; penning it with distinction and vibrancy, as she weaves in her unique voice. Believe In Me is the ultimate fantasy tale that is timeless, with just enough spice to keep the readers hooked.

Sayblee considers herself an intelligent and no-nonsense type of woman who happens to be a Croyant, a magical race that lives among the Moyenne (non-magical humans). She and her too handsome partner, Felix, will have to live and work practically 24/7 with each other.

Felix has never wanted to do more than surf, frolic in the sun, drink his special blend of fruit and alcohol, and play fast and loose with the women in his life. When Sayblee reappears into his life and he must work by her side, he sees things about her in a whole new light. A sexual light that is.

You do not have to read the trilogy to appreciate Believe In Me, it is a complete standalone novel, but this reviewer highly recommends that you purchase When You Believe and Reason To Believe to experience the different lives of the other two wonderful and sexy brothers.

Reviewed by Janalee Ruschhaupt
Posted February 11, 2007


Believe in Passion...
Believe in love....

Charm Me

For a Croyant, Felix Valasay lives a charmed life of blender drinks and pleasuring women, so he’s less than thrilled to be interrupted mid-hookup by notorious Croyant straight arrow, Sayblee Safipour. If Felix is pleasure first, business later, Sayblee is business first, last, and always. She’d been the smart one in their magic classes, the one he couldn’t impress, couldn’t win over with a smile or a compliment or twelve, the one he’d wanted so desperately. Now he has the chance to wake up to her beautiful, calm face, to smell the sweetness of her skin, to be this close to those maddening curves…

Lothario. Cad. Casanova. Sayblee doesn’t need magic to find the right words to describe Felix Valasay. Figures she’d find him “entertaining” when they have important Council business to attend to—setting a trap in Paris for the most dangerous, powerful sorcier their world has ever known. To do that they will need to hide in plain sight, living together like an ordinary Moyenne couple, using no magic at all. Keeping her mind shut against the dark forces trying to find them is tough. But keeping Felix’s hot body and make-you-melt smiles out of her thoughts is nearly impossible. And sometimes the only way to avoid temptation is to yield to it…

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Believe in Me
(Magical Temptation: Book 3)
by Jessica Inclán

February 1, 2007
Available: February 1, 2007
ISBN #0821780840
EAN #9780821780848
272 pages
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