"a wild ride"

After the destruction of almost all adults by humans, the Eagle Clan decides that the few remaining members of the clan would stay secluded from the rest of the world for safety. They have continued this way for centuries, but the young males desperate for mates have begun to fight for the attention of the females, and the three brothers leading the group have decided that they have no choice but contact other clans to try to find the hope of mates. Athair, one of the brothers, and two of the young males head to another clan's territory. Dan, one of the young ones, has the gift of sight and tells Athair that even though the visit won't turn out like they want it will lead them to their only hope.

Hope Carter, a veterinarian trying to recover from a devastating accident that killed her entire family, and destroyed her legs, thinks she is losing her mind. While waiting for her ride home from the clinic she sees what she thinks is a stray dog, slinking down an alley. She follows the dog thinking she can rescue it, and instead finds a pack of wolves. She turns, planning on calling animal control. Hope hears a woman scream and when she turns back instead of dogs or wolves she sees four men that are attacking a girl. The men attack her when she tries to stop them from hurting the girl, her friend comes out of the clinic just in time; while losing consciousness she see the wolf again. Later the she finds that the woman was killed in what is being called an animal attack, and cannot get the thought of the men being werewolves out of her head.

This book was a wild ride. I didn't put it down; I just had to know what happened to Hope and Athair. The story was well written, and kept me guessing to the end, and the plot twist were great. The author made you care about the characters, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment in the Eagle clans. I would recommend this book to anyone that loves werewolves or shifters.

Reviewed by Christina Hopper
Posted February 9, 2007


After living apart from the world for over a century, the Eagle Clan must return in search of mates or face certain extinction. Athair leads them to another clan, but is betrayed and attacked, forcing him to accept help from a human veterinarian who he suddenly realizes is exactly the hope they so desperately need.

All that remains is escaping a murderous pack, protecting his adopted sons, and convincing Hope that she is strong enough to be his mate as well as a powerful member of the Valāfrn clans.

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Father of the Wolf
(Eagle Clan Series: Book 1)
by L. Shannon

Cobblestone Press
June 1, 2006
ISBN #1600880177
EAN #9781600880179
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