"a well-crafted tale"

Exotica is a female sex demon from Middle Oea. She has worked her way up from slave to the bedroom of the prince of Oea and unwisely fallen for the detached and ruthless royal. Exotica is also unique in that despite the mandatory body scan performed on her by Oea's techno- mages, she still has the capacity to care about and sympathize with her lovers. This capacity makes her a freak among her people and a liability in the eyes of Prince Kaliban with whom she has been consorting for the past year. This is before Kaliban decides that he doesn't need her anymore and discards her to her own devices.

Rejected and lovelorn, Exotica wanders the streets of the Garden District where she stumbles upon an assassination plot to ensure Kaliban's status as the future king of Oea. The intended victim? An up-and-coming romance cover model in the human world unaware of his half-demon origins. Not only are Kaliban and his cousin, Duke Uriel plotting to eliminate the prince's "mongrel" brother, but Kaliban agrees to give Exotica to Uriel as his sex slave and as payment for doing the deed.

Determined to keep her hard-won freedom and secure her place with the king, Exotica decides to find the cambion before Kaliban and Uriel's assassins.

Cambion St. Michael is a man who enjoys his solitude and is uncomfortable with the trappings of his growing fame. His spirit is restless, in search of an outlet other than the monotony that his life has become though he can't quite put his finger on what is "missing." He's never dreamed a day in his life and though he finds this mildly odd and frustrating it is the boredom that tortures his soul the most.

When the beautiful, cloaked woman appears on the balcony where Cambion has wandered during an industry party, he suddenly realizes what, and more importantly who, is missing from his life. In the strange Exotica he senses the excitement and pleasure his soul craves; in the mysterious and dangerous creature, Cambion also senses he has found his destiny. Only trouble is, destiny comes to him delivering all manner of dire warnings and crazy conspiracy theories about his heritage and impending murder.

Raquel Taylor has fashioned a tough and intelligent heroine in sexy demon Exotica and a sharp-witted and tenacious hero to match her in Cambion. Together Exotica and Cambion make one sensual and obstinate pair with explosive chemistry that only grows from their first meeting to the exciting, action-packed climax. The sex and bondage and submission scenes, in particular, are HOT, each one more inspired than the last and escalating in intensity until this reader was salivating and squirming in her seat hungry for more.

Highlighted by a tightly-woven plot, imaginative, illustrative world-building and captivating, true-to-life characters, THE CAMBION'S KISS is a well-crafted tale of betrayal, loyalty, desire and love I'd recommend for any fan of erotic romance but especially those who enjoy bdsm and shapeshifter stories.

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted February 8, 2007


Lady Exotica of Oea is in love with the Prince of the Incubi, and that’s the problem. A good Lady is no slave to her emotions. In fact, emotions are erased from the inhabitants of Oea in order that they perform their sexual duties without attachment. Exotica is a broken succubus, and for that, Prince Kaliban casts her off. To make matters worse, he gives her to his cousin, the cruel and oftentimes murderous duke. But, it seems that Prince Kaliban has a Cambion, or half-breed, brother on the human plane—a brother that has as much right to the throne as Kaliban. Only the Cambion can save Exotica from the vile hands of the duke. All she has to do is awaken and dominate the sex demon in him. It’ll be easy, sensual and no-strings attached, or at least that’s what she thinks…until she kisses him.

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The Cambion's Kiss
by Raquel Taylor

Venus Press
December 1, 2006
ISBN #1598362690
EAN #9781598362695
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