"wish there was a little more"

While going for a walk in the woods, Maggie becomes lost and is attacked by a cougar. She wakes up in bed bandaged with a strange man standing over her. The stranger turns out to be her rescuer Justin, and he is not all man. After watching Maggie and going back to the scene of the attack, Justin tells her what happened and what she is most likely to become. There is an element of suspense to this story that is a nice little surprise and a great addition to the lycanthrope legend.

This short story is just that, short. While the author does a great job expressing the thoughts and mind set of the female lead, we are left somewhat lacking on the male. She even set it up to give us more, but did not follow through.

Over all, this story is well written, Ms Steiger has excellent prose. I was sucked in to this story from the romance scenes to the suspense, I just wish there was a little more. I do look forward to future work from her.

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Reviewed by Catherine Smith
Posted February 7, 2007


Waking in a cabin in the deep forest, Maggie isn't certain whether to trust the stranger who rescued her or not. There is something dark and dangerous, and at the same time fascinating and infinitely appealing, about the man with the strange yellow-green eyes.

Rating: Contains explicit sex and graphic language.

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by Amanda Steiger

New Concepts Publishing
December 1, 2006
ISBN #1586089943
EAN #9781586089948
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