"action, romance, a little end of the world"

Elaine Shrink is a Psychiatrist, who while making a house call one night to a new patient finds out a lot more about herself and her family. Her new sexy patient is Seth Overkill and he is the Prince of Darkness. Problem is that he can no longer "feed" since he has a few phobias, and has become obsessive compulsive. Seth tells Elaine that she is an Ayudante and that her family and his have been linked for several generations and it is her duty to help him. This is the first Elaine has heard about this, since her father was killed when she was a little girl. Seth needs to feed before the Day of Reckoning or in his weakened state he will not be able to keep the dead from walking the earth and he needs Elaine's help to do so.

When you hear the main plot and see the character's names your first thought is that this is a romantic comedy, it is not. This book has action, romance, a little end of the world and vampire induced violence and Monkish OCD. The author also adds the right amount of levity. One of my favorite lines is when Seth keeps telling Elaine he needs her and she has to help him, she tells him; "Call me Latin- American. Call me a Trekkie. But stop with all this Ayudante stuff".

Ms Bright has created a wonderful story that is guaranteed to make those who love vampires and romance, love her book.

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Reviewed by Catherine Smith
Posted February 7, 2007


Elaine is the Ayudante, the protector. Problem is, no one ever bothered to tell her about her legacy from her father--that she is destined to protect the Prince of Darkness himself, sexy, seriously neurotic, Seth Overkill. And she'd rather eat nails than have anything to do with bloodsuckers, be this one ever so sexy and in dire need of her help.

Seth isn't the only one in need, however. The Day of Reckoning is coming, and as weakened as Seth has become by his problems, he won't be able to stop the dead from rising from their graves to walk the earth without her help.

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by Crystal B. Bright

New Concepts Publishing
November 1, 2006
ISBN #1586089692
EAN #9781586089696
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