"a stylish and sizzling story"

Quinn White is a creative writing teacher at Durum College who up until a few weeks previous had been living the average life of an average man. That is before the dreams of a dark-haired, blue-eyed woman in the mist started to plague his sleep.

Initially difficult to decipher, Quinn's dreams soon take on more clarity and substance, the dark-haired woman addressing him in a foreign but vaguely familiar name, leading him to a stone door with an unfamiliar symbol. Never in his wildest imagination, however, could Quinn predict that his dreams would be far more than fantasy, ultimately and physically dangerous.

In walks Candy—"Just Candy"—a mysterious and beautiful young blonde Quinn meets at a St. Patrick's Day party. The sparks immediately fly between the two, Quinn feeling a passion and synergy with Candy that he hasn't felt with another woman, especially where the sex is concerned. Candy is sexy, hot and uninhibited between the sheets and out of them, everything a red-blooded man could ever ask for. But the questions that Quinn should be asking himself: is she everything he needs and what are her motivations?

During a monthly faculty conference Quinn recognizes the symbol from the stone door in a history book of his friend Mark, a Durum College professor. Desperate to find the meaning of the woman and the door, Quinn relays his dream to his skeptical friend and a request to find out exactly what the symbol means.

When Quinn wakes from one of his dreams seriously injured by claw marks to his shoulder, it is Candy who is with him, gets him to the hospital and gives the treating doctors a plausible story for Quinn's wound, one plausible enough to keep Quinn out of a forty-eight-hour psychiatric hold.

Convinced now that Candy means him no harm and only has his best interests at heart, Quinn goes back to Mark more determined than ever to, at the very least, find the meaning behind the symbol if not get to the bottom of his dreams altogether.

In OPEN DOOR, H.H. Self paints an unconventional and sensual picture of eternal love, his hero and heroine physically separated for most of the book. This does not in any way detract from the emotional intensity and physical ardor of the story, indeed adds to it especially in the scenes when Khaba and Nofertiri are finally brought together. Not to mention the erotic and eloquently realized love scenes between Quinn and Candy fairly ignite the screen.

Quinn is an engaging and strong hero, but even a more pleasant and surprising upshot of the story is the part that his friend Mark and lover Candy plays in the exciting and suspenseful climax and solving the mystery behind Quinn's past; this alone was worth the price of admission.

H.H. Self has spun a stylish and sizzling story in OPEN DOOR, a tightly-woven, fast-paced narrative that I'd recommend to any lover of erotic paranormal romance, mystery or suspense.

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted February 6, 2007


Can Quinn discover and keep his true love before the demon that hunts him claims its prey? A writer and teacher, Quinn is drawn into a shadowy world where he encounters a dark haired woman that invades his nights. He soon realizes that dreams just might be able to kill, or at least what lurks within them may try. Outside the nights grasp, he finds Candy, who seems to be what sweet dreams should consist of, but within the gloom of darkness the truth may lay, within a warm smile a lie. Either could kill.

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Open Door
by H. H. Self

Whiskey Creek Press (Torrid)
December 1, 2005
ISBN #1593743394
EAN #9781593743390
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