"a truly enjoyable read!"

An old man (Merlin look alike) tells Cat to follow her heart. Only she never expected it to land her in the thirteenth century. She is kidnapped, threatened and forced to impersonate Brianna McKay, a ruthless outlaw's daughter.

Roderic de Montwain doesn't want to marry Brianna but it has been ordered by the King to do so. Once he lays eyes on his bride-to-be (which is really Cat), he finds that the prospect of marriage doesn't seem so bad.

Cat is an independent woman and has difficulty adjusting to the way a lady of the castle should behave, but Roderic is patient, and soon Cat falls in love with her brave and honorable husband.

Roderic hears whispers that his wife is mad. He is aware that her actions are unconventional, but he finds her intelligent, kind-hearted and intriguing. He hopelessly loses his heart to her.

Not everyone wants this couple to live happily ever after, and treachery is afoot. Roderic must find out who is behind the conspiracy to harm his wife and start a clan war before it is too late, while Cat is faced with the prospect of returning to her century and leaving behind the only man she has ever loved.

Ms. Sumter gives detailed descriptions of the Scottish Highlands and the way they lived in the thirteenth century. Her secondary characters, Glyniss, the healer; Kenneth, the fey-taken; and Gavin, Roderic's trusted man are likable and add to the story as well. This is truly enjoyable read!

Courtesy Karen Michelle Nutt: Author site

Reviewed by Karen Michelle Nutt
Posted February 3, 2007


On location in Scotland for a film shoot, stuntwoman Cat Terril is waiting to film an action scene when she takes a stroll through the ancient castle that is their set. Then she meets an old man in black robes who gives her a set of keys and directs her to .... "Follow your heart ..." Thinking it is a harmless prank designed by fellow stuntmen, Cat follows the old man's direction to a locked door around which swirls a strange, lavender mist. Using the set of keys, she opens the door, steps into the mist and falls, literally, into a frigid lake in thirteenth century Scotland. There was no 'harmless prank' involved. Cat is in desperate peril, finding herself suddenly the hostage of vicious, brutal clan leader, Calum Mackay. To obtain clemency from the Scottish king, the renegade Mackay must give his daughter, Brianna, to Englishman Roderic de Montwain in marriage. Brianna, however, in love with another, has run away. And Cat bears a striking resemblance to Mackay's absent daughter. It is unbelievable enough to find herself in medieval Scotland. It is beyond comprehension to find herself abruptly married to a stranger. A stranger, moreover, who unlocks a passion and sensuality within her Cat never suspected she harbored. And Roderic, who has vowed to never lose his heart, finds himself falling for the mysterious, flame-haired bride he has taken to his bed. A bride some say is mad ... and others claim is an imposter ....


Knight's Legacy
by Trenae Sumter

Medallion Press, Inc.
November 1, 2005
ISBN #1932815007
EAN #9781932815009
300 pages
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