"a delicious and sexed-up treat"

Another electrifying installment in the Shikar stories from acclaimed authoress Sherri L. King.

Pulse, a Shikar warrior, has started to wonder the worthiness of saving mankind that he and the other warriors fight so hard to keep safe from the Daemons. He decides that a trip to the territories is needed. He ends up in New York City of all places looking for goodness in the humans. It has been a very long time since Pulse as ventured above and he will be in for quite a shocker.

Luna Boone has found herself in the Big Apple, using her special powers of foresight to try and stop their terrible outcomes from happening. Sadly, she never sees anything good. She may be able to change some of the circumstances, but never the actual tragic outcome, but she is not a quitter and keeps hoping beyond hope that someday she can make a difference in one of her visions.

Out one night, praying she can change her fearful prediction, Luna meets a big, bad, gorgeous man. Something about this dark stranger calls to her in ways never before felt. He is different. Just how different will change not only her life, but maybe the lives of many others, too.

Ride The Lightning is by Sherri L. King. If you have been waiting for one of her Shikar stories, then you are in for a delicious and sexed-up treat. Ms. King knows how to titillate the senses and enthrall the mind of her readers with her excellent storytelling. Ride The Lightning is a recommended read from this reviewer.

Reviewed by Janalee Ruschhaupt
Posted February 2, 2007


Cursed like the mythic Cassandra, Luna is gifted with foreknowledge of Fate, without the power to alter its deadly course. Still, she is moved by hope and faith to try and change things for the better despite the odds. Time and again she fails, yet still moves undaunted and without fear into the dark shade of the future…until a force of nature jolts into her life and shows her the magic she has sought for a lifetime.

In a quest to renew his waning desire to save humanity, Pulse leaves his Council seat and travels to the Territories of Earth. But before his quest can truly begin, he meets a strange and powerful woman who — by way of seeing the good of what could be — takes him on a journey with an end he could never have reached by himself.

But Luna has seen the darkest destiny of all — and Pulse The Generator must use all of his power to save her from the very clutches of a death she has already seen…her own, if he is to claim her as his own.

Genre: Paranormal
Book Length: Novel

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Ride the Lightning
(Shikar: Book 3)
by Sherri L. King

Ellora's Cave
November 1, 2006
Available: November 1, 2006
ISBN #1419909142
EAN #9781419909146
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