"a beautiful collection"

Under the Faery Blue Moon--Dawn Thompson--At last, fans of Ms. Thompson and her melodious style have the sequel to "Belle of the Blue Moon Ball", where we met the mischievous Puck and his accomplice Oberon. The two are still up to their elbows in magical mayhem, only this time Queen Tatiana is on to them. Can they complete their mission and still manage to placate the queen? Ms. Thompson will delight fans with this lighthearted romp through London, especially with the aftermath of the havoc wreaked on the Blue Moon Ball (which begins in the Blue Moon Magic anthology)! Be on the lookout for her other award-winning books, "The Ravencliff Bride", "The Waterlord" and "The Falcon's Bride".

The Anti-Kissing League--Leanne Burroughs--Set in 1909, Georgia, Millicent Baker is captivated by the handsome new stranger in town, Geoffrey Standish. Though he wants no serious commitments, he cannot overlook the genuine goodness and beauty in Millie. With a curmudgeonly anti-kissing league trying to dry up all the love, a fateful wish on the Blue moon has a tough job to see to! Abounding with hilarious and heart melting scenarios, Ms. Burroughs's latest is a pure delight to read. Geoff was a great hero, one I took much pleasure in with his forthright witticisms. Also available from Burroughs: "Highland Wishes" and "Her Highland Rogue".

Leap of Faith--Jill & Julia--Marcella Richards has it all--a wonderful career, money and the best home Chicago has to offer. But all of it is a meaningless without the man she hoped to share it with. Her wish on a Blue Moon summons the gnomette, Lola, who gives her the chance to find happiness with Drew traveling back in time. Joint efforts by Jill and Julia bring to readers a quirky tale of love left in the hands of a miniature wish granter. Marcella must make some serious decisions if she's to have the life her heart wants and her crossroads is not an easy one. A delightful tale of love that has been given a second chance.

When Mules Rush In--Jacquie Rogers--Willow Jones is in hiding from high society Boston life. As former debutant Eleanor Winthrop-Douglas, she's worth a fortune-- the bane of her existence. Luke Tyson has been hired by one of her more unscrupulous suitors to retrieve her. What he doesn't realize is Willow is the woman for him. Fortunately, he has the help of his trusty mule, Merlin. And just what is up with Willow's reigning chicken, DeborahAnne? Plenty is afoot, and much of it is the four- legged variety! The Old West meets some very special blue moon magic in this cleverly done story by Rogers. A very unique spin on the sorcerer Merlin lends her tale a witty and otherworldly flavor. Forthcoming from Rogers: the "Faery Special Romances" anthology by Highland Press.

The Star Traveler--Victoria Houseman--Haley Stone grieves for her mother and a reminder about tales of the Blue moon take her outside one night to make a wish. Donovan de Lyon is from a long line of Star Travelers, a race dedicated to fulfilling wishes of happiness across the universe. Though he will take over as Master Star Traveler soon, he thinks only to make his family happy even though it is not his wish. With Earth's Blue Moon coming, he's off to fulfill wishes there and hears Haley's. In fulfilling his duties, will Donovan find his own happiness with a giving and beautiful woman? Ms. Houseman's tale of love transcending the stars is one to cherish in this wonderful collection of stories. The concept behind her view of the Blue Moon is refreshingly unique and filled with an interesting race of people that I would love to hear more about.

Sentimental Journey--Judith Laik--On the eve of her sweetheart's deployment, 1942 in Tacoma, Washington, Eve Larson is desperate to seal their love. When Howard leaves without the intimate embraces she hoped for, Eve feels an increasingly foreboding sense of doubt. Three years later, after reports of his plane going down in a bombing raid, Eve lives life day to day. At a friend's reminder, she makes a wish on the Blue moon for her beloved and the moon's magic works a miracle of the heart. Ms. Laik's tale spun a wistful urge to see these lovers reunited and the poignant touches throughout kept my interest till the very sweet end. A delightful read! Ms. Laik is also the author of "The Lady is Mine" and "The Lady in Question"

A Blue Vacation--Michelle Scaplen--Brenda is plain tired of being overlooked and underappreciated. When an opportunity comes to go on a tropical vacation a coworker's expense, she takes life by the horns and goes. A new do and new clothes and she's on her way to enjoying herself for once. But when her gorgeous coworker shows up too, will the sparks they set off last? Nick is pleasantly surprised by a woman he'd never noticed before and he's not about to let her go. Nick is a wonderful man, one that will surprise readers too with his instinctive caring for the talented and underappreciated Brenda. A pleasing tale of love that was right under their noses.

Blue Moon Magic--Anne Marie Bradley--Claire Jacobs quits her interior design job in New York and takes on one in Key West at Hotel Castle. Built by a mysterious Lord Archer in 1886, Claire feels a connection to the ancient stones and realizes she has dreamed of it since childhood. As strange dreams of a heartbroken and sensual man invade her sleep, Claire sets out to discover what it is about Hotel Castle that has her in its grasp. What she finds is the hope of a love so deep, it may have withstood the ultimate test. Enduring hearts mark this enchanting story by author Bradley. The magical pull of the castle had me in its thrall, almost as if I walked the old towers and corridors myself. Add to that a gripping mystique surrounding Lord Archer, and "Blue Moon Magic" makes for a heart melting time of a read. Bradley's contribution is a stellar addition, one not to be missed.

Kissing Lessons--Sherrie Holmes--The vibrant and voluptuous Millicent Fairweather accosts Viscount Selkirk from out of the blue one day. Thinking him a servant in the lord's home, she presses the man to aid her in gaining the lord's interest. Her Blue Moon wish is well on its way to becoming true and with this "gardeners" help, she'll have her man in no time. Ms. Holmes pens one of the most lighthearted and humorous reads of the book. Their interactions are genuinely amusing and it was hard to look away from whether or not the young lady would be able to resist the dashing gardener/lord. Big ups to Ms. Holmes for a thoroughly delightful tale!

Muses in the Moonlight--Patty Howell--Calli Winson is a woman haunted by unknown past. She visits Allenvale, PA in hopes of bringing some clarity to a life she never had with her real parents. Atop a moonlit mountain she meets Jacob Isaacs, a sexy and intriguing preacher. He sees something in the forlorn beauty, and his intuitive abilities draw out the naturally caring person that she is. When the story of her lost family sparks an idea, Jacob personally goes about solving the mystery. Author Howell has penned a classic tale of love and heartwarming reunion. A very nostalgic feel permeates the story, one that reached straight to the heart of this reader. I daresay we might have the makings of a future Nora Roberts or Barbara Delinsky. Much of the dialogue had me smiling, a good sign of an excellent read. Looking forward to many more from Ms. Howell!

Blue Moon Reunion--Gerri Bowen--Piper has awaited the return of her love, Sir Robin, for many years. In the meantime, cruel and untrustworthy men take her home. It comes as no surprise when she thinks Robin amongst that group of knaves. He too harbors deep resentments towards her and vows revenge. When he returns to aid in thwarting another siege on her home, Robin must figure out who was behind his imprisonment. Could it really be the bold and courageous Piper? Author Bowen whisks readers back to a time of lords and ladies and the hardships endured for home and hearth. An air of suspenseful mystery surrounds the pair and I was pleased at the amount of exceptional plot and characters thriving here. Looking forward to many more such tales from Ms. Bowen!

A Wish Times Three--Jean Van Arsdall--Kathleen McDowell is caring for her niece Siena while her sister and brother-in-law are out of town. A chance meeting with her niece's substitute teacher, Dr. Kevin Collins, sparks a chemistry she'd not expected and a round of more meetings that must be fate. As their relationship grows, Kathleen must learn to let go of a past love and use the power of wishes and the Blue Moon to get her there. Kevin's gentle persistence in pursuing Kathleen was heartwarming to read. His knowledge of the Blue Moon was a clever and resourceful insight into helping Kathleen move past the hurdle that was keeping her from living life to the fullest. A very sweet, very satisfying read from Ms. Van Arsdall!

Moondance--Kemberlee Shortland--Blanaid and Ronan have been good friends for quite some time now and as the forlorn beauty despairs of finding love, Ronan can no longer resist revealing his true feelings. Rearing from confusion, Blanaid knows not what to think now of the man that has always been here for her--as a friend. When she realizes her true feelings, will she be in time to prove to him how very worthy he really is? Love often resides right under our noses...if we know how to see it. Author Shortland writes a tale of love that is not so very far if we are just willing to reach for it. A wonderful story filled with pent-up passion and discovery of love.

Beneath the Velvet Blue Moon--Candace Gold--Nadine Stone meets Michael Greene during her family's annual lake vacation. It's the kind of young love filled with promise and all the means to see it through. Though they are inseparable, and make plans to meet each other again at the lake next year, a horrible tragedy forever changes Nadine and she loses contact with him. Years later, she remembers her promise made on a Blue Moon and though she knows it's time to finally move on, she can't resist one last lake trip. Will she discover there what her heart has been pining for? Ms. Gold reminds us of how hectic life can get, how it can tear us from our dreams if we let it. Told in first person, this is a timeless tale of love that will not be forgotten.

Devil in Spurs--DeborahAnne MacGillivray--Desdein Deshaunt is hell bent on vengeance and must see to the rescue of his brother. A pampered lord by day, and a devil of a rouge by night, he will use whatever means necessary, even his enemy's daughter, Lady Ashlyn. What he does not count on though is the lady's spirit and fortitude, nor her caring that will not let him give into his mad plans. Though he means to see his dastardly plans through, will he turn and face what she dares to reveal to him? Author MacGillivray is an enchanting weaver of breathless tales. Her versatility is certainly appreciated and readers will find more to enjoy in her other books such as "A Restless Knight" and "The Invasion of Falgannon Isle". Don't forget to check out her other short story, "Rider in the Storm", in the Blue Moon Magic anthology.

Highland Press brings together once again a beautiful collection of love found with the aid of the magical Blue Moon. Add it with its companion Blue Moon Magic and readers are all set for many wonderful hours of love, passion and heartwarming characters.

Reviewed by Kenda Montgomery
Posted February 2, 2007


Folklore says if one wishes upon a Blue Moon, an enchantment will be granted...


A delightful anthology of 15 stories of love, romance, and the enchantment of the Blue Moon. Whether days of old, current days, or time yet to come, a Blue Moon is a thing of enchantment. Are you brave enough to make a wish on it or will you let the chance slip away? 15 authors take you on a journey to the past and the future - where the only constant is the Blue Moon. Don't let the chance slip away. It may only happen once in a blue moon.


Blue Moon Enchantment
by Dawn Thompson, Leanne Burroughs, Deborah MacGillivray, Authors Various

Highland Press
May 1, 2006
Available: May 1, 2006
ISBN #0974624977
EAN #9780974624976
300 pages
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