"Fabulous Time Travel"

In Kirkinwall, Scotland, 1718, kindly Magda McClellan is blessedly content. Eight months pregnant with her first child, she is married to Davy the man who holds her heart. Magda gives comfort and food to Auld Annie, a woman accused of witchcraft. In gratitude, Annie offers Magda one wish, only Magda is perfectly happy with her life and declines. Days later, Magda awakens from a dream where Annie tells her she knows what wish she really wants and how to grant it.

In New York City, 2002, Maggie McDonald and her husband David are waiting in a fertility clinic about to have a procedure enabling them to have the child they both desperately wanted. While waiting, a rather odd nurse named Annie came to them and promised that if they 'really wished' for a baby she would make sure it happened. When Maggie awakens from the procedure, she is shocked to find herself in eighteenth century Scotland, naked in bed, very pregnant, and lying next to a very big (and naked) handsome hunk who is not her husband.

At the same time Magda is also awakening, only she is in twentieth century America in a hospital bed, and in a different body -- Maggie's body -- a body that is no longer pregnant and who has a husband David. Both women would have much to adjust to in their new environments and emotional crisis' to overcome before they might find their way back home.

Time-Travel stories are among my favorite reading and author Laurel Bradley has churned out an absolutely original and splendid tale with A WISH IN TIME! Culture shocks are the least of the problems that both Magda and Maggie had to learn to deal with in their new bodies while trying to figure out why this had happened and how they could return to reclaim lives and the husbands they were both dearly in love with. For Maggie, the shock is great but in some ways easier to adapt to having an education and knowledge of how life was lived long ago. On the other hand, Magda a simple uneducated maid who was satisfied with her simple life was thrust into a modern age that had to terrify her! What was truly interesting here was the author's interpretation of a soul living on in different times (reincarnated and able to find their original soul mates). This worked so that Auld Annie in her zeal to grant Magda her wish, searched to find her in a different lifetime (and body) before being able to grant her wish. What Annie didn't count on was that some people's hearts would take a bit longer to adjust to more than just physical attraction.

With a perfectly lovely style of writing, the author demonstrated a rare gift of keeping the focus on the characters emotions as each woman dealt with the concept of souls being switched. Not only were Maggie and Magda fashioned well as they dealt with being switched but both David and Davy were amazing in their ability to deal with losing, yet not losing the women they loved. This was a brilliant piece of work, being an original creative effort that had me glued to the pages from beginning to end. Bradley simply took my breath away with this captivating gem of a story of love eternal.

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted January 29, 2007


In eighteenth-century Scotland, Magda McClellan, eight months pregnant, is granted one wish from Auld Annie, an old woman accused of witchcraft. But Magda declines to use her wish because she is perfectly happy; besides, she doesn’t believe in witches. Little does she know how that refusal will forever change her life.

In twenty-first century New York, Maggie McDonald and her husband desperately want to have a child. While they wait for a procedure at a fertility clinic, a Scottish nurse named Annie promises to grant them a baby…if that’s their wish. When Maggie awakens, she finds herself round with child in the eighteenth century and panics.

Magda has also been catapulted through time, waking up in a hospital bed in New York—and she’s not pregnant anymore. When she goes home with a man who claims to be her husband, she searches for clues to the identity of this Maggie McDonald, whose body she now inhabits. Why is Magda here? And why is she no longer pregnant?

As the two women become familiar with their new worlds, they find themselves on emotional paths of self-discovery—but will they find the way home before it’s too late?


A Wish In Time
by Laurel Bradley

February 1, 2007
Available: February 28, 2007
ISBN #0595409482
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