"terrific fantasy romance"

Twins Kian and Dyfed Seymour at seventeen are wildly sowing their oats on one of their trips to London when Kian is struck with the knowledge that a thirteen year old serving girl, Loris, is his unoliaeth, his oneness, his destiny. At the same time he discovers that Loris has been sold to an owner of a brothel and he engages said owner in a card game in order to win Loris. Infuriated at losing, the brothel owner attempts to kill Kian and in defending himself Kian uses magic to throw the man across the room accidentally killing him. Because Kian used 'magic' in the spilling of blood, the Guardians placed a 'Blood curse' on Kian. In essence, Kian would suffer-- always aware and in love with Loris, but she would abhor Kian and experience intense pain at his touch.

Ten years have passed and in that time, Kian uses an enchantment to disguise himself in an effort to reach out and become a friend and confidante to Loris without her experiencing any pain. Loris eventually discovers the truth at about the same time she is found to be the long lost granddaughter to a powerful earl and the Seymour's enemy unleashes a great evil upon the villages of Castle Tylluan. Loris is sent to London with a reluctant Dyfed who has fallen in love with a 'dark sorceress' and Kian is left to deal with the evil monster. Dangerous sacrifices will need to be made to save Tylluan and all the star crossed lovers in order to survive the evil and find happiness.

TOUCH OF PASSION was a terrific fantasy romance with the lead protagonists being tortured with the 'blood curse' that defined their relationship. With this particular curse there wasn't much Kian could do to satisfy the Guardians to have it lifted, so he devised the only plan he could think of in an effort to overcome the limitations that were placed on him. Loris as a mortal wasn't even aware of the connection and even though told she was Kians' unoliaeth, refused to believe in such a thing as unoliaeth. The angst that existed for Loris whenever Kian was near, even though she could not understand why she yearned for him was a trial but in spite of all their bickering she remained drawn to him. Kian and Loris' story was powerfully told in both heartbreaking and sensual intensity as the two star-crossed lovers managed to exist together while under the curse. Kian was developed beautifully as a tender and gentle friend as well as the strong and determined heir to the Dewin Mawr in wanting to solve his own problems regarding the evil unleashed upon his lands.

In the secondary love story between the dark sorceress Desdemona and his brother Dyfedd, Spencer Paul proves how 'opposites do attract' in a most delightful way! In spite of her dark ways, Desdemona proves to be one of the more interesting characters she creates. For those who read this series in the order of publication will find out just how amusing her dark ways will be in TOUCH OF DESIRE. I read this series out of order but can honestly say each book stands on its own and offers a wealth of entertainment that fans of Spencer Paul and the fantasy genre are sure to enjoy!

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted January 28, 2007


Destiny reveals a powerful magic - and a passion that won't be denied...

My Dearest Reader,

When you hear my story, perhaps you will think me a man unable to control his own hungers...his own temptations. But I warn you that I am no such thing. I am simply a man who knows what he wants, and what he can't live without.

It is only fair to tell you that my clan is one descended from magic. I have learned these powers are both a blessing and a curse—for the magic that flows through my blood controls my fate utterly and completely.

When I first saw the beautiful Loris, I knew she was my unoliaeth, my oneness, the woman I am destined to unite with for all eternity. At that moment, I allowed my passion to lead me to do the unthinkable: I employed a forbidden magic to win Loris's heart.

How did I know that my error would lead to a black curse that still haunts me today? How could I have known that the curse would irrevocably cast Loris' affection for me to another man?

Now I am left to ponder how I might win Loris back—black curse be damned. I believe there must be a way. For while it is the darkest realms of magic that keeps Loris from becoming mine, there is another power at play: the undying, unending love of one man for one woman. And I pray that in the end, that will be enough...

Your obedient servant, Kian Seymour, Castle Tylluan, London


Touch of Passion
by Susan Spencer Paul

St. Martin's Press
December 1, 2005
Available: November 29, 2005
ISBN #0312933886
EAN #9780312933883
416 pages
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