"Suspense - Action Thriller and Sensual to Boot!"

As a former MI-6 operative not even the sight of a dead body would have fazed ex-agent Nadia Bishop but the face in the newspaper obituary shook her to the core -- the face staring back looked exactly like her own! Not coincidental was the fact that the murdered woman had been killed in St. Tropez, the same place she had fled from an affair with a man who still haunted her heart three years later. Nadia would have to go back to investigate and discover if the ruthless man who'd once been her lover was the person who'd murdered her sister. She would uncover family secrets so criminal to be insane, and find a thread that tied this family to her own. In her search for the truth she would jeopardize the daughter she'd secretly borne and would give her own life to protect from the lover she couldn't forget, and whose family she was determined to take down.

*** Not only have I become a fan of the very talented Romantic Suspense author Jenna Mills, but also for this amazing Silhouette Bombshell "Madonna Key" series. All stories have been great and Mills' entry was brilliantly conceived and executed. Veiled Legacy turned into another non-stop action read from one very talented author and a sterling addition to this spectacular series! The author clearly demonstrates Nadia's torment of thinking that the father of her daughter, the one man she cannot forget, might possibly be the man who killed the sister she never knew she had. Antonio/Joshua is painted just as tormented, and feels used and abused as well, with not being able to reconcile what he still feels for ZoŽ/Nadia after she fled from him. Both protagonists had reasons to distrust one another with Joshua's family ties, especially his marital status, weighing in as not contributing to any kind of sympathy factor. Once Nadia knew she was carrying his child her priority was instinctive in making sure her daughter would be protected from the evil that pervaded her father's lineage. If believing Joshua capable of murder was one thing, convincing her heart to stop loving him would be another matter and in so doing this author engages the readers imagination and emotions in one very exciting action packed thriller that is sure to please the most discriminating of romantic suspense fans. I loved this story!

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted January 26, 2007


Staring at the obituary, ex-MI-6 agent Nadia Bishop knew it was time to come out of hiding. Because not only did the woman look exactly like Nadia, she'd been murdered in the same town from which Nadia had fled a heartbreaking and dangerous affair two years ago. It couldn't be coincidence.

Going back would bring Nadia face-to-face with her mesmerizing ex-lover. It would thrust her into the vengeful path of his ruthless family. Those she could handle. But Nadia would also uncover a legacy so powerful, nothing would be safe from its force--not even the daughter she'd borne in secret and would die to protect.


Veiled Legacy
(#118 - Madonna Key: Book 6)
by Jenna Mills

Silhouette (Bombshell)
December 1, 2006
ISBN #0373514328
EAN #9780373514328
304 pages
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