"Stuart Bad Boy is a real keeper"

Warning up front for people who haven't read and admired the brilliance of author Anne Stuart before - her books are strong. She asks you to dance on the razor's edge, plays the Pied Piper and commands you to dance into the fire. She pushes the reader to go where most writers won't ask. I always wanted to write heroes like Stuart, but I get too intrigued with the complexities of males, adore them, and love what makes them tick, how they react differently to given situations than we do. I fear only Stuart can conjure and breath life into a Stuart Bad Boy. I also fear some writers write men as we'd like them to be, not as they are. Stuart gives us pure gamma rogue males. These males are beyond laws, beyond morals, often beyond kindness. They are Dark, Dangerous and Deadly. What your mama warned you to stay away from. They are heartbreakers. They are Stuart's Bad Boys. She gives you men that are not heroes by most standards, yet with the power of a sorceress, she compels you to love them. We are a poor moth to her males' flames. So if you cannot take your males raw and unvarnished, then you might want to give Stuart a pass, because you will come away mesmerized, shaken. Stuart holds up the mirror and forces the reader to look deep into oneself, and that rattles some. She is a brilliant talent few writers ever achieve. At home equally in Historicals or Contemporary Romances, Stuart has taken use into the fire, now wants us to be cold as ice. The Resident Genius of Romance strikes bull's-eye again in this edgy tale.

Genevieve Spenser is tired. A nice get away for Costa Rica lies ahead. Only there is one more thing she must do before she can kick back - get papers signed by Harry Van Dorn. He is a wealthy client of her firm, so she knows there is no getting around running this chore for them. She is quickly on route to his yacht, and hopes to pick up the papers, then be on her way to sun, beach and cabana boys fetching her funny drinks with paper hats.

Only, Harry Van Dorn isn't just a wealthy businessman; he's a merchant of chaos, and its Peter Jensen's job to stop him from executing plans he's set in motion that could devastate the world. Genevieve's arrival is untimely for his plans, so he wants her gone. When he cannot get rid of her, he accepts he will have to kill (a theme Stuart made us face and accept in the brilliant Moonrise). Peter is a killer, an assassin. Again, Stuart delights in giving us "heroes" who are not heroes by any fashion we know. He is a gamma rogue, a male who lives by his own rules, that can kill, cheat, lie and steal to do what must be done. However, Peter is finding dealing with Genevieve troublesome, to say the least.

Genevieve is a strong heroine, so much fun, and Peter is one of Stuart's Bad Boys that evokes the heroine -- and the reader - to walk on the razor's edge. Stuart delivers, yet again, one strong read that dazzles from start to finish. Highly recommended for those who like strong tales, with vivid writing.

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted January 26, 2007


Never get in the way of a mission

The job was supposed to be dead easy—hand-deliver some legal papers to billionaire philanthropist Harry Van Dorn's extravagant yacht, get his signature and be done. But Manhattan lawyer Genevieve Spenser soon realizes she's in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that the publicly benevolent playboy has a sick, vicious side. As he tries to make her his plaything for the evening, eager to use and abuse her until he discards her with the rest of his victims, Genevieve must keep her wits if she intends to survive the night.

But there's someone else on the ship who knows the true depths of Van Dorn's evil. Peter Jensen is far more than the unassuming personal assistant he pretends to be—he's a secret operative who will stop at nothing to ensure Harry's deadly Rule of Seven terror campaign dies with him. But Genevieve's presence has thrown a wrench into his plans, and now he must decide whether to risk his mission to keep her alive, or allow her to become collateral damage . . .


Cold as Ice
by Anne Stuart

MIRA Books
November 1, 2006
Available: November 1, 2006
ISBN #0778323560
EAN #9780778323563
368 pages
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