"Another Enchanting Awen tale"

The lively and talented Arwen has penned yet another enchanting tale, demonstrating a writer with the passion for romance. Each book shows her sparkling zest for the genre; each showcasing another layer in her growing talent. Setting in 1600s Ireland, Dylan MacTavish, chief if his clan is determined to stop the killing. He kidnaps Brian the Butcher's daughter Evelyn, who is rumoured to be just as horrid as her father. His first meeting with the lady upon kidnapping her only reinforces this impression, but a lad must do what he must do to save his kinsmen. He figures to marry the beautiful lass to bring peace to his lands.

Naturally, things are never as the poor beleaguer hero assumes. Poor Evelyn was returning to her father's home after her aunt has died. She's never met her very nasty father, has no idea just how he is hated. The lass has just learn that Brian Roche is her father; all this is making her head spin. Thus, she is really perturbed to be gagged and bound and carted off and informed she is about to be married to Dylan!

Evelyn is a wonderful heroine and a suitable match to the pure Alpha Dylan. Arwen writes with a sprite humour, a true love of her story, and with a sensual fire that will delight the reader from start to finish. Each tale from Arwen shows her passion for delivering a fun tale that enthrals the reader and leaves you wanting her next book. Her voice is fresh, still evolving. Once she hits her full potential she will be an amazing writer.

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted January 26, 2007


Journey to Ireland and join a passionate battle for love, life and truthóburied with an angel and a dragon that was killed by a beautiful and deadly demon.

A Clan Chief

Dark and brooding, Dylan, High Chief of the McTavish Clan, has only one hope left to save his clan from annihilation. After eighteen years of warring and reaving, Dylan has decided to kidnap and marry the only child of his most hated enemy. Dylanís desperate plan is successful, but he is not prepared when a demonís daughter turns out to be nothing less than an angel.

A Dragon

Because of the lies told by two women lusting for power, Brian The Butcher, High Chief of the Roche Clan, was manipulated into killing hundreds of innocents to avenge the murder of his wife. But what lurks in the shadows is not always the same in the light of day and when dead women start telling their tales, the truth comes out on both sides of the bloody battlefield between the two neighboring clans.


Mourning the loss of her beloved aunt, Evelyn Roche leaves behind the small cottage where she was raised and goes in search of the father she has never met. After being kidnapped from her fatherís castle and forced to marry the wildly handsome Dylan McTavish, Evelyn discovers that resisting him is just one of the battles for her heart and her life because the truth behind the killing may end up being the death of them all.


A Clan Chief, A Dragon and Evelyn
by Aysel Arwen

Capri Publishing
April 1, 2006
Available: April 30, 2006
ISBN #0976913267
EAN #9780976913269
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