"There is plenty of action and romance ..."

She heard the Call of the Mountain but Valeria's mother refused to believe it because in one thousand years, only men have answered the summons. Her mother warded her so she could not use her magic but still Valeria found a way to leave her home and head for the mountain where the gods in the form of white stallions live. She travels with a caravan and among their number is Euan Rohe, a Caletanni barbarian being held hostage for the behavior of his tribe. The barbarians do not want to be part of the Aurelian Empire but for now Evan and his allies work in the shadows, getting ready to make their move.

Valeria pretends to be a boy while she takes the test to see if she can be a Rider. The Ladies call her, the stallions accept her but the men reject her once they find out she is a female even though she is the most powerful horse mage they have ever seen. First Rider Kerrec takes her under his wing but both he and Valeria are kidnapped by Euan and his allies. Valeria sacrifices herself to save Kerrec but she doesn't believe she can betray the Empire for the love of one man.

Caitlin Brennan is a fantastic world builder who creates a world where magic is an everyday occurrence. The white stallions are able to work time and fate to see the possible futures that may happen to the empire. The bond between rider and stallion is comparable to that of dragon and rider in Anne McCaffrey's Pern series. There is plenty of action and romance in this spellbinding romantic fantasy.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
Posted August 26, 2004

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 26, 2007


A land at stake, the riders betrayed, and a lone woman to determine the future

Called, chosen and cast away . . .

Tales are told of the mysterious, powerful Mountain where the gods -- powerful beings in the form of white horses -- live. But Valeria knows no woman has ever been called to the Mountain. Until she feels a strange pull and answers the call -- as a boy . . .

When her secret is discovered Valeria loses all that she's won. Her anger and frustration with the Empire might be enough to give the barbarians a way into the Mountain. And so the Empire now depends on the will, the strength and the loyalty of one Rider. A Rider who has been rejected by all but the gods . . .


The Mountain's Call
by Caitlin Brennan

September 1, 2004
Available: September 1, 2004
ISBN #0373802102
EAN #9780373802104
400 pages
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