"Great Start to New Series"

Erin Morgan sensed it was going to be a bad day before discovering four dead bodies drained of blood where she worked in the posh, state of the art medical center of Manhattan, but not one that saw her running for her very life! Nor could she ever imagine while fleeing to her home state of Tennessee that two snarling beasts would be landing on the hood of her car causing her to drive off the road. No, and if that wasn't bad enough -- waking up to find one very big, virile, and very naked man on the hood of her car -- well.... now depending on how you look at it, things could be looking up!

*** Newer author Jennifer St. Giles is certainly making people sit up and take notice and with this fast action fantasy/thriller she starts off a new series that is sure to entice a whole new set of paranormal romance genre fans. In it, she introduces a new set heroes called Shadowmen -- shape-shifters whose purpose was to guard mortals like Erin from the evil blood-sucking Vladarians. Unfortunately, as our hero Jared battled one of the demons he was bitten. The poison it inflicted, would in time, turn Jared into the very evil being he was sworn to battle. A great portion of the plot is spent with St. Giles doing an admirable job of showing the anguish of Jared and also of his fellow comrades who made the heartbreaking choice of allowing him to live before the poison destroyed all that was pure and good before overtaking his very soul.

Erin had her own problems to contend with knowing that the miracle doctor she worked for, hailed as a hero for his ground breaking cancer treatments was in fact a murderer! After her disenchantment with her former employer it was no stretch for her to be wary of Jared as he aroused a passion in her that she was deathly afraid of giving into. In developing Erin, the author developed her deftly in both keeping her interested in the man, by showing compassion for his injuries, yet being wary of his mental state when he tried to explain who/what he was.

As well as the two main protagonists, you are also introduced to a plethora of secondary characters including a delightful pixyish Irish lass called Emerald, who in addition to her other-worldly connections of receiving messages from the Druids, is a sex-therapist who councils her patients via a 'blackberry'. This is an exciting introduction to the series, and St. Giles sets the stage in whetting your appetite for future installments that are eagerly anticipated.

Marilyn Rondeau, RIO - Reviewers International Organization

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
Posted January 26, 2007


In the arms of a shape shifter she found the most dangerous passion of all...

Among the principalities of the spirit world lies a band of warriors The Shadowmen of Shaddal and their elite Blood Hunters, men of greatness taken from one life and time to walk in another, to fight the darkness and the evil that stalk the souls of humanity. In an age where technology rules mind and men, these werewolves wield a greater power, ancient and timeless, the lore of Shaddal's magic. They are sworn to protect, defend, and conquer. They have known greatness. They know all things magical, but in their battle against the darkness, sometimes a warrior falls prey to the evil and their only salvation lies in this one thing they have never known, the magic and the power of love.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampires, Shapeshifters, Fantasy


Touch a Dark Wolf
(The Shadowmen: Book 1)
by Jennifer St. Giles

Pocket Books
September 1, 2006
Available: August 29, 2006
ISBN #1416513329
EAN #9781416513322
384 pages
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